30 November 2012

A Visit to Bookay-Ukay

I've been meaning to check out Bookay-Ukay, a second hand bookstore, ever since my friend showed me their Facebook page. I just love going through shelf after shelf of old (and sometimes new) books in second hand bookstores. It's like finding that old, tattered, gem of a book I'm going to adopt. I never really had the time to visit (and the capacity?) but luckily though I got the chance to drop by today!

Forgive my camera phone's shots, I'm too lazy to Photoshop them to make them look decent. 

The store's small but I think it adds to the charm. Just the sight of unorganized stacks of books everywhere got me excited! Another thing I liked is their green wall filled with random artwork, posters, and writings. 

Books. Everywhere. And I helped contribute to the clutter when I accidentally knocked a few books off the shelf and couldn't put them back (as pictured below, don't know if you can tell the difference, really. Some books were already on the floor when I came). Wooo watch out we have a bad ass over here!

I didn't want to leave without buying anything so I picked out this Nicholas Sparks book. 

I'm usually opposed to books with the movie tie-in cover but this is the best copy I could find. Its original price in National Bookstore is 315php but I was able to buy it for 150php. I've heard a lot of bad reviews of this book (fine. Just my siblings') but I bought it anyway. It might be my cup of tea, after all. Nights in Rodanthe is actually the first Nicholas Sparks book on my shelf. I've read The Notebook, and The Wedding but those were just borrowed copies. If I happen to not like this, then... I don't know. I'd take comfort in knowing I bought it a very low price. It's still in pretty good condition, except for the spine but I can live with that. At least the pages are still complete. Unlike the copy of The Giver which lacked the last three pages. Meh. I can't complain. I was in a second hand bookstore.

Overall, I enjoyed the alone time I had in Bookay-Ukay. I got a better look at all the books they had. Alright, not all. But most of their merchandise, especially the ones not in their Facebook page. I can't wait to go back. 

Be sure to check out their Facebook page. ;-)
Before you even say it, no, I'm not being paid to do this. I just want fellow book nerds (and cheapskates) to get as excited as I was when I first found out about this place. Tee hee.

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  1. Great Pictures! Nice place. Too bad there isn't much Second-hand books in the Phil. Is the one in UP Village?