Wednesday, I Swear.

This post is book related. Trust me.

I'll be away on a retreat from Monday til Wednesday. That means I won't be able to attend my Wednesday classes (I don't have classes on Mondays and Tuesdays) so I asked one of my classmates to submit my homework for me. I'm supposed to be doing it now because I have to email it before going to bed but my brain is being whiny. I figured I'll blog first to get some sort of momentum (but really I'm just procrastinating). Hey, it's for my Philosophy class - I need the momentum.

I was supposed to write a review of The Perfect Game by J. Sterling but for some reason I can't upload a photo here. I don't know if it's Blogger's or my laptop's fault. Being the (selective) OC that I am, I don't want to post a review without a photo so I decided to put off the writing til Wednesday. I just hope I don't lose the feeling* when I get back from the retreat. I happen to like The Perfect Game a lot! So I'm pretty excited to post a review. Squeeee!

Okay I really need to do my paper. I only have a few hours left before my alarm goes off. 

Good night. ;-)

*the feeling - that moment after reading a book when you remember clearly why you love/like/dislike it that writing about it should be a breeze.