Featured Giveaway: ARC Giveaway (International)

Tiffany of Escaping... One Book @ a Time is having a big ARC giveaway! There are 13 ARCs to be given away (most are 2012 ARCs) and 3 lucky winners will get to choose 2 books. Once the winners have chosen their books, she'll host another giveaway till all the ARCs have been given away. She'll even add new books every time!

So here are the covers of some of the ARCs:

Titles of the 13 ARCs:

  1. Circle of Cranes (never read)
  2. Dead Cat Bounce ((read but in awesome condition)
  3. Hallowed (read once, perfect condition)
  4. This Is So Not Happening (never read)
  5. Everneath (read once, good condition)
  6. Shattered Souls (read once, great condition)
  7. The Catastrophic History Of You and Me (read once)
  8. While He Was Away (never read)
  9. Black City (read but in awesome condition)
  10. Don't Breath a Word (read but in awesome condition)
  11. Fateful (read but in awesome condition)
  12. Hemlock (read but in good condition)
  13. Truth (read but in awesome condition)

More about the giveaway here ;-)