Summer of the Moon Flower Blog Tour: Guest Post by Annie Seaton

Title: Summer of the Moon Flower
Author: Annie Seaton
Genre: Science Fiction/Steampunk
Published: December 21st, 2012
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Will love survive the quest for immortality?

Sofia de Vargas’ research into the Alpine Moon flower and its elixir of immortality will threaten the very existence of an ancient Scottish order. Dougal, the Earl of Rothmore must prove his loyalty to his masters, the Knights Templar, and bring her body back to Kilmarnock. Sofia is kidnapped and imprisoned on the isolated Isle of Rothmore.

Is Dougal her sworn enemy...or her saviour?

As part of the blog tour for Summer of the Moon Flower, my blog is featuring a guest post by the author herself, Annie Seaton! Check it out! :-)


The more experienced you become at writing, the more you learn and the journey becomes easier.

I would like to talk about the joy and frustration of our inner editors and when to keep that voice under control and when to give it free reign. 

At the moment I have some deadlines which are contracted…so they're set in concrete! This week I decided to finish my current romantic suspense… yep…14,000 words in one day. After all, I knew I could do it… the last eight thousand words of Simmer of the Moon Flower was done in a day. How do you do it? The key is to turn off your inner editor.

I actually wrote three thousand words but yesterday my inner editor would not let me keep writing and insisted that I go back and revise each chapter. I wrote three thousand new words and pruned two thousand off earlier chapters.

I am usually a ‘put my head down and go for it panster’ and then I come back and edit when I have finished. Yesterday when my inner editor was constantly at my shoulder, my productivity slowed to a crawl and I became frustrated. Writer’s block started to creep in and then it wasn't long before creativity flew out the window.

But, self reflection is a marvelous thing! Instead of giving up and bemoaning this constant nagging voice, I analysed the changes I had made. 

What did I find?

My chapters were stronger and the plot was a lot tighter. Dialogue had improved. Reading back over my changes I realized that my inner editor had stepped in, in a timely fashion and saved me hours of work at the end. And then I was able to put my fingers to keyboard and start flying again

Often we blame the inner editor for a lack of confidence and use it as a reason to procrastinate and not write. However, there are times when the inner editor can be listened to and can direct your writing in positive ways. It is a skill that comes with experience. 

So a good lesson learned.The more you write, the more savvy you become when dealing with that pesky inner editor. 

About the author
Annie Seaton

Annie Seaton lives on the beautiful east coast of Australia, where she loves sitting in her writing chair, gazing at the ocean and writing stories. She has always been fascinated by all things historical and has found her niche writing contemporary romance and steampunk, where strong heroines and brooding heroes fight together to make their alternative world a better place.

Her debut novel, Holiday Affair, a contemporary romance set in the South Pacific was released as part of Entangled Publishing’s Indulgence line last year. The sequel Italian Affair will be released in June 2013. Watch out for the story of Tom and Brianna the sex therapist who spices up his life! Her first romantic suspense novel with Entangled Publishing, Innocence Lost will be released later in the year

Winter of the Passion Flower and Summer of the Moon Flower, her two self published novels have received wonderful reviews. Annie is already looking forward to the rest of the series, particularly the adventures of Indigo’s four boys: Jago and Jory, Ruan and Kit. Strong sassy heroines and rebellious heroes have a rollicking good time as they work to make the world a better place-- albeit their own steampunk world.

 Blind Lust, a paranormal novella (and her favourite story) was released by Musa Publishing last year.

Annie lives with her husband, and ‘Bob’ the dog and two white cats, in a house next to the beach in a small coastal town of New South Wales. Their two children are grown and married and she loves spending time gardening, walking on the beach and spoiling her two grandchildren.