Sab The Book Eater 2.0: Legit

At first this post just says:

But after going through post after post, trying to edit things to match the new layout I decided to add this line:
"....ah screw this, I'm not going to edit every single post anymore."

So yeah. Here it is! New blog layout. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a screenshot of my old layout but don't worry! You're not missing much. I made my old layout and it sucked. I can only do so much with Photoshop and HTML/CSS, you know?

After weeks of worrying that my giveaway luck has run out, I received the most fantastic email from Megan and Chri of Ink Skies. They had a series of giveaways for their one year blogoversary and one of them was for a blog redesign. And guess who won? (No really, what's the point of making you guess)

One of my friends described my new blog look saying, "it looks more legit." IT DOES, RIGHT!!!

Big big thanks to Megan and Chri for making this pretty blog layout. 
You ladies are all kinds of amazeballs! *hugs*


  1. I love the new layout Sab! It looks sooooo pretty. :)

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Megan and Chri are great designers. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Rach! I really wanted simple. Ahhhh and all the pink <3

  3. Love your new blog design Sab! Pretty cute, simple and easy to navigate :D

  4. Holy fuck - they really did a good job! Love it, Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to hire them, but I might move to WP.