18 May 2013

Blogger Spotlight #7: Nuz and Rach @ Say It With Books


Names: Rachel Ramos, Nuzaifa Hussain
Blog Name: Say It With Books
Preferred Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Steampunk, Dystopian/Utopian, Realistic Fiction, Crime/Action, Apocalyptic/Post-apocalyptic Fiction, Romance, Paranormal, Chick Lit

Short bio:
A 19-year-old girl from the Philippines who got in a relationship with books just recently. A sucker for HEAs and book boyfriends (her favorite BB is Kellan Kyle from the Thoughtless series, by the way). She loves books but aside from that, she loves chocolates and ice creams too. (Tee hee)

Obviously a total book-a-holic with an intense love for all book-ish things. I'm an incurable e-book Hoarder (with more than 200+ unread books on my Nook & Kindle), a Blog Stalker, a Pinterest Addict Who Loves Gummy Bears, Black Coffee, Indie Nail Polish and Giveaways. I have a weakness for pretty covers, smart-ass fictional characters and Supernatural (♥Dean♥).



Hi Nuz and Rachel! This is the first time I’m going to be interviewing co-bloggers so GET PSYCHED! (LOL seriously, put your happy hats on *narrows eyes*)

What’s the history behind the blog name, Say It with Books?
Nuzaifa: I really wish I could claim that I came up with “Say It With Books” but nope it was my friend’s sister’s idea. I came up with some pretty crazy combos but none of them felt right. But when she suggested this name I knew it was ‘the one’! :P

What’s one book everyone seems to like except for you?
Rach: I think everyone likes/loves Paulo Coelho, but there’s this one book called Veronika Decides to Die and I don’t know why but everytime I try to finish reading it, I just can’t. :|

Nuzaifa: For me it’s Hush Hush-Everybody seems to love Patch! IDNFed it TWICE. So thanks to that now I’m a bit hesitant to pick up books if they are about fallen angels.            

How did you two meet?
Rach: I believe we met on Goodreads, right Nuz? :)

Nuzaifa: Yes, a few months after creating the blog I found that handling everything was MUCH more harder than I thought so I was looking for a co-blogger. And when I met Rach on GR she mentioned that she wanted to take up blogging so after talking to her I realized that our taste in books (and other things!) was compatible. So I asked and she said yes! :)

What was it like getting a co-blogger on board?
Nuzaifa: It is sooo much easier! Blogging can be seriously stressful and if you are like me it can take up pretty much all of your time. Rach-I swear this girl is a godsend! She’s amazing at networking with authors/publishers. And marketing is her forte so she’s great at getting the word out about every new post. And last week I started a new job so I wasn’t able to get online at all but I had nothing to worry about ‘cause I knew she’d take care of the blog for me! ;)

How do you manage the blog together?
Rach: I think the key to our co-blogging relationship is the proper communication and organization of the things that we want to do for our blog. There are times when we chat online and discuss topics which we can put up on our blog and also the blog tours that we want to sign up for. Easy breezy like that *winks* But also, it’s not an all-work-no-play relationship. We also talk about other stuff too, like our mutual desire for this certain human being called Adam Levine. ;)

Nuzaifa: Ah yes Adam! *sigh* …...and our shared love for Aussie accents! :D Communication is definitely the most important thing. Just mailing me each other about blog related stuff is not enough-You have actually ‘connect’ with your co-blogger. Although we share similar interests, the way we do things are different for example Rach is definitely more organized and more prepared than me. On the other hand I do things a little more differently. I have rough blogging plan for each month but my ideas are constantly evolving so I end up doing something completely different! Ah poor Rach has to put up with me and my constantly changing moods. :P

Do you have plans of meeting each other in person someday? :D
Rach: Oh of course we do! Last month, I think Nuz and I talked about meeting one day. She gave me a link of a blog post where the co-bloggers of that certain blog met up and gaaaah, we were like, “We should do that too!” We already picked out countries where we can meet! :D

Nuzaifa: Yes!! Living two different countries is sucky sometimes because we don’t get to meet up and go book-shopping or go to author events together! But we’ll hopefully meet each other someday like Rach said. :)

“Say it with books”
I asked the girls to use book titles / book covers / plots that describe how they feel during certain situations or days and here are their answers:


How you feel on Mondays: 

How you feel on Fridays: 

Getting a book you’ve been eyeing: 

Meeting new people: 

Eating ice cream: 


How you feel on Mondays: 

How you feel on Fridays: 

Getting a book you’ve been eyeing: 

Meeting new people: 

Eating ice cream: 

Thank you so much, Isabel for having us on your blog! We had lots of fun especially, with the lightning round! :D
I had lots of fun too, girls! I love your Lightning Round answers. Thank you so much for joining me on my blog today ;)


  1. this is so cool! the three of you is awesome! keep up the good work!