01 October 2013

Blog Tour Review + Giveaway: American Girl on Saturn by Nikki Godwin

American Girl on Saturn (Saturn #1)
by: Nikki Godwin
Genre: contemporary YA romance
Date of Publication: August 29, 2013
Format Acquired: ebook (thanks Dianne of Oops I Read Again Tours and Nikki!)
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords
The summer after graduation is supposed to be that first real taste of freedom - but not for eighteen-year-old Chloe Branson. Just as that breeze of freedom is making its way into her galaxy, her secret-service-agent dad drops a meteor-sized bomb of bad news on her and her sisters. An attempt has been made on the lives of Canadian boyband, Spaceships Around Saturn, during their USA tour, and the guys have to go into hiding ASAP. The only problem? In the midst of the crisis and media frenzy, their dad volunteered to hide the guys...in their house.

Six-year-old Emery is as ecstatic as any self-proclaimed Saturnite would be, but Chloe and her seventeen-year-old sister Aralie watch their summer plans crash and burn like a falling star. The SAS guys aren't happy with the situation, either. Bad boy Jules picks fights with Aralie about everything from his Twitter followers to his laundry, and heart-throb Benji can't escape Emery's fangirlisms for more than three minutes.

But after the super-cute Milo kisses Chloe during a game of hide-and-seek, she finally understands what Emery means when she talks about SAS being "out of this world." If this is what Saturn feels like, Chloe doesn't want to come back to Earth.
(WARNING: Review full of fan girly feels. Slightly incoherent. Okay, really incoherent.)


A book with a pretty cover and a pretty cover. American Girl on Saturn exceeded my expectations. I was expecting a light and fun read but turns out... it's so much more than that. It's a freakishly awesome light and fun read!!! Ha! I can't even go far in this review without fan girling. Well, it's inevitable with this book. It's the perfect book for every boy band fan girl out there! Like me!!!

Okay enough with the exclamation points. I'll make this simple for all of you.


The romance. Chloe and Milo had amazing chemistry! I love that their love story actually took time to blossom despite having only 2 weeks to get to know each other and spend time together. The first night they bonded was my absolute favorite. There's nothing better than a really cute guy flirting with you subtly while you both snack on milk and Oreos. Yep! Milk, Oreos, really cute guy... HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THIS?

The humor. Most of the things that got me laughing out loud came from the youngest in the Branson family - Emery. The little Saturnite was really funny! She'd say things that were already funny but would even be funnier because it came from a five/six year old. The other sister, Aralie, was also a blast! She's totally snarky, which I love! Whenever she'd say "Benji Bikini" I'd laugh, not because the nickname they gave him is that funny but because of how she often said it with a mocking tone. The boys were also as funny with their bromances and witty dialogues.

The fun. The boys and the girls did whatever they could to make the lockdown more fun. They hung out by the pool, played Twister (which ended up pretty nice for Chloe and Milo. Tee hee), hide and seek – you know, normal people stuff. But what’s cool about this was the fact that the boys weren’t just like anybody else. They’re celebrities! And they hung out with the girls like regular, fun-loving dudes. They even came up with this super cute surprise for the girls towards the end. That was super cool.

The boy band. I am, admittedly, boy band crazy. This book is literally one of my crazy dreams. I'm not kidding! I've always wondered what it would be like to meet and be chums with a wildly popular boy band. Reading this really gave me intense feels. I love that the girls had insider info on the guys. It's like every fan girl's DREAM... well, aside from dating/marrying someone in a boy band that is.

The hangover. And this is the part where I tell you all THIS IS A 5-STAR BOOK!!! Why? Because, dude, I got a freaking hangover and I'm pretty sure you will too! I just couldn't get enough of the Branson sisters and Spaceships Around Saturn. I want to see how their lives turn out after the lockdown. How can they possibly go back to normal after an experience like that?! How can I go back to normal after reading this?!

SO YEAH. Go pick up American Girl on Saturn. The writing's really good and the story's even better. What's not to like?

(P.S. I'm not normally this crazy, I swear)

We move up the staircase a bit more quietly. Then I lead Milo down the hallway to Mom’s old crafting room. Sunlight pours through the sheer white curtains and reflects off of the wooden flooring. Milo notes that the acoustics probably sound great in here with such a high ceiling. Thick layers of dust hug the old tables and piano that Mom quit playing years ago. Inside of the wall is a huge walk-in closet. I reach inside to flip on the light, but the bulb is shot.
“Can you handle the dark?” I ask, spinning on my heel to face Milo.
“Are you not hiding in there with me?” he asks. “You know, I won’t have fireflies to make me feel safe this time. I kind of need you.”
Do you hear that, Saturnites? Milo Grayson kind of needs me. Of course, you don’t hear it, though. This is lockdown. I can’t share my excitement with anyone. Maybe Noah will be willing to listen to details later. I can make him feel ‘in the loop’ about things.
Milo steps into the closet and reaches his hand out for me. There’s not a question in my mind as to whether I want to hide in a dark closet with him – who wouldn’t want to? – but my mature older sister side kicks in.
“Do you know how bad this is?” I ask him. “We’re supposed to be in charge, but we’re hiding out in a dark closet with each other.”
His mouth scrunches to one side as he shrugs.
“Technically, you’re not actually in the dark closet with me yet,” he says.
I grab his hand and let him tug me toward him. He doesn’t close the closet door all the way, allowing just enough light to leak inside so that I can see his silhouette. He leans back against the wall, sinking into the shadows, and pulls me to him.
His breath is warm against my ear as he holds me close to him. “You know,” he whispers. “When we found out about the lockdown, I never expected this to happen.”
His grip tightens around my waist, and I run my hands along his arms.
“That shirt looks so good on you.” I say it now since I know I’ll never be able to admit it outside of our dark hiding spot.
“You can’t even see my shirt right now,” he whispers directly into my ear.
“I don’t have to,” I say, somewhere just above a whisper. “I thought that the first night you got here, when you were sitting on the armrest.”
His hand moves up to my face and pushes my hair back over my shoulder. Then his fingers trail along my cheek and down my jaw line.

“You wanna know a secret?” he asks.
About the author
Nikki Godwin

Nikki Godwin is a Young Adult/New Adult author from the southern USA. She is a city girl who can't live without Mountain Dew, black eyeliner, Hawthorne Heights, and candles from Bath & Body Works. When not writing, she's not-so-secretly internet-stalking her favorite bands. She may or may not completely love One Direction.




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