15 October 2013

I Have A Confession: I Don't Like Being Bothered When I'm Reading

This sort of like a topic post except it sounds more like me thinking out loud. Which isn't always pretty. Or organized. This is me blabbing. That's why I'm calling this The Confessional.
Hi and welcome to another Confessional post! I'm so sorry for being MIA for the past five days. I know, I know... I'm terrible. :( But I can explain!

The explanation

It's pretty simple, really:
1. Finals week (two weeks ago)
2. Exhaustion (from finals)
3. Three-day Revenge marathon
4. Revenge fangirling
5. Had to go out to do stuff

Result: No reading, no blogging. But here I am! Back and ready to blog. Ooh ooh~ ooh ooh~ *cue awkward dancing*

The confessional (dun dun dun.... no? Okay)

I apologize in advance if this post gets really ranty along the way because I am ranting. I don't want to be mean though but if I am, I'm sorry. It's just that this is something I notice every time I read in the presence of other people: they talk to me.

It's not like I'm anti-social or anything because I'm not! I even get hushed a lot for being so talkative. So when I decide to have my quiet time by reading and someone starts talking to me, it annoys me. Mind you, I choose my reading time properly. I don't read when I'm in a situation where I need to interact with other people - I don't want to be rude, after all. I read when I think or when it's obvious I can have some alone time. Whether I'm by myself or with other people, as long as nobody's talking or paying the least bit of attention to me - I will read. And when I bring out my Kindle or an actual book, it means: DO NOT DISTURB.

It bugs me the most when people start talking to me the moment I start reading. I'm not exaggerating! It's happened plenty of times before. In the words of Jamie, I’m not reading because I have a severe lack of anything else to do. I mean you could've started the conversation before I opened my book but noooo you had to launch right into the story just when I got all excited about continuing Fifty Shades of Grey Insurgent. (just so you know I've read and reviewed FSoG already. Link HERE if you're curious)

Then comes the choice: do I engage in conversation or continue reading? What usually happens is a little of both. I nod, give halfhearted replies (they're still replies!), try to minimize eye contact to give "the hint," you know... stuff like that. I feel bad for being rude but... come on dude, you were rude first. At least have the decency to ask if I have a second before telling me you know a guy who knows a guy whose dog just gave birth to the cutest puppies ever. RIGHT?! I don't read because I'm bored. I read because I want to - it's something I happen to make time for. So when my reading time is disturbed, I get annoyed. Eye-twitching annoyed.

It's not annoying like when people ask too many questions about a show/movie I'm watching so I would totally understand if you wanted to know more about what I'm reading. After all I can't just tell you to "go read it" like I tell people to "shut up and watch the movie" when they keep asking questions. So go ahead, ask questions about the book or books in general. Oh what the heck! Go tell me whatever it is you wanted to say. But give me a heads up and don't ramble on like I'm not busy with something. Yes, when I'm reading I consider myself busy. Unless the book's not engaging at all, then no, I'm not busy. Heh.

Bottomline: I'm not anti-social. I like people. But I like my books too. Be considerate! In fact, let's all be considerate to every book nerd in the world. It's so much cooler that way.


  1. I understand you! I don't like it when someone interrupts me, especially when I just sat down and am ready to read. Ugh. I just want peace and quiet. I also don't like it when I get distracted (that's mainly my fault though lol) especially when someone tweets me. I am so tempted to check my phone and read that tweet.

  2. Definitely a pet peeve of mine too. I like to read in the car, and sometimes my husband just won't shut up, lol! Guess that's my fault for trying to read in such a confined space- no where to run off to!

  3. Omg yes I totally get you. In fact I actually need complete silence when I'm reading! If my sister is in the room and humming along to a song, I tell her to shut up xD
    And by the way YAY for the Revenge marathon and fangirling! Such an awesome show.

  4. Seconded. I find that because so few people in my life read, they seem to think you're just doing it for something to do, and as you said, that is not the case. I tend to lock myself away when I read - I can't be doing with any sort of distractions!