15 Day Book Blogger Challenge (Day 3)

Day 3 of the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge! I know, I know. It's been a while (4 months! oops) since my last challenge post. I just wasn't up for it but now I am! In case you missed it, I shared my bedtime reading rituals for day 2 and this time it's all about my blogging BFFs.

DAY 3: Who are your blogging BFFs?

While I have made many book blogger friends in the last few months I've been at this, I only consider two to be my BFFs. We don't just talk about books. We talk about everything. From our favorite TV shows to random (and not so random) people we stalk on Instragram, every conversation is enjoyable. I just have to talk to them even for just a little while everyday. Chatting them up is almost like a reflex now! Does that make me sound clingy? (of course it does)

So anyway, I only told one of them I'd be including her in this post (I told her I'm claiming her as my BFF. "CLAIMING") so this might come as a surprise to the other one. I hope it's a pleasant surprise. Heeh.

Charlie is the one I claimed as my BFF. As in I told her, "Hey, we're blogging BFFs now, okay?" and she was like, "yeah sure." Hah! She's one of the bloggers I talked to often when I started and we've grown closer through the months. Our favorite means of communication? Emails. We share the same sentiment: emailing someone is a grown up thing to do. Whenever we feel like talking about something extensively, we email each other. Lately we mostly talk about TV shows we both watch. She compiles all her reactions in one email then I react. It looks something like this:

Charlie: Nolan is so cute in this scene!
Charlie: WTF why is Charlotte doing this???
Me: Nolan is so cute in this scene! -IKR! Nolan is da bomb
Me: WTF why is Charlotte doing this??? -because she's Charlotte, that's why

(If you're wondering, yes, we're fans of Revenge)

I've yet to meet Charlie in person. I live in Manila and she lives in Bacolod (map below if you're curious haha). It sucks but at least I know she's only an email (or tweet) away.

It all started when I joined her blog giveaway and tweeted daily to earn more raffle entries. Or maybe it was when I accidentally sent a tweet to her when it was meant for another person but she replied nonetheless  no matter how confused she was because she's that nice? Whatever. Point is, we met and became friends via Twitter. Ah yes, the magic of the internet indeed! I bug Dianne on Facebook constantly. We have the most random conversations ever. We talk about books, blogging woes, our favorite celebrities, our crushes, even quirks we have in common! We talk so much that a couple of days not talking seems weird. Yep, clingy.

It's always a blast talking to Charlie and Dianne. We never run out of things to talk about and I'm totally comfortable sharing with them. Even my most embarrassing stories (I HAVE PLENTY, BT DUBS)!!! You know how you just click with some people? Well, I'd like to think I clicked with these two the moment we started chatting. (CHEESEBALLS. But I know you love me anyway.) It's just so much better blogging when you have buddies in the community, don't you think? ;-)

How about you? Got any blogging BFFs? :D


  1. Aw, you guys are so cute! Haha
    Dianne is really cool. I talk to her a lot before too. We have these long emails because, according to her subject, "Kulang ang 140 characters ng Twitter!" LOL. Not that we don't exchange emails and tweets now. We're just both busy (especially me; I miss tweeting everyone) but we still email!
    Precious is a sweetheart too. Being friends with her came as a surprise. I thought she's hard to reach because of her blogging achievements and all. I know I know I sound weird. But big bloggers came as celebrity to me. LOL I AM WEIRD I KNOW HAHAHA

    P.S I like your book blogger challenge! Will checking out the next topics. Exciting! :)

  2. Aww. I am touched. Heehee! And it really has to be Nolan, right? You should have included my Nolan-Patrick reactions! Hahaha. And you really have to include a map to show how far we are from each other, or how far I am from all of you.

  3. You should have asked my permission before including me in this post! Tsk tsk, bad bad girl. Haha! Aaaaawww, thank you! I am really ~really~ [<--ultimate sign of how much I mean 'really'] touched. <3 You are in for a tackle hug when we meet! I'll get back to emailing you when Suits returns. HAHAHA

    Charlie! Hope we can meet you real soon! :)

  4. I love this blogger challenge, I would like to do it but then I wouldn't be able to keep up with posting my reviews and everything. So cute that you have close blogger friends!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  5. Ahhh, I need to do this one, too! Sounds really fun!