03 January 2014

(ARC) Book Review: A Beautiful Melody by Lilliana Anderson

A Beautiful Melody (Beautiful #3)
by Lilliana Anderson
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Published: November 30th 2013
Format Acquired: eARC from author (thanks, Lilli!)
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A Beautiful Series Book 3 - May be read on it's own, or in order.

Naomi thought she'd met someone wonderful when Elliot came into her life, but he simply wasn't into her. It's the story of her life.

While everyone around her is settling down, she gives up on trying to find her Mr Right, and turns back to the one thing she has always loved - music.

Enter Marcus, he was a year above Naomi at school and she always had a killer crush on him. He now fronts a band with his older brother Theo.

Marcus has the reputation of a playboy and Theo, well... he's just bad news. But their band is doing well and Naomi has the chance to join.

After spending some time in their company, Naomi see's something in each of them she can't ignore. She wonders if joining the band was perhaps a bad idea - you should never mix business with pleasure. Especially when that pleasure could divide families...

**Beautiful Series Reading Order (includes The Beauty in Between)**

(Too Close)
A Beautiful Struggle (book 1)
A Beautiful Forever (book 2)
A Beautiful Melody (book 3)
I never really imagined Naomi having a spin-off. She was a good enough minor character in A Beautiful Forever but she just didn't standout for me. But for some reason, this works. I have some issues with the story but all in all I enjoyed it.

Inasmuch as I claim to hate love triangles, I secretly like them. I like seeing character dynamics and how believable the story becomes in the end. However in A Beautiful Melody, I wasn't quite sure the love triangle was necessary at all. From the get-go you could tell that there was nothing really more to Marcus and Naomi  than pent up sexual tension. I mean, they flirted a lot but that the extent of it. I really didn't feel any sort of spark between them. Then there's Theo. I liked his backstory, how he started off goth in highschool and Naomi didn't realize sooner he was the same person. I think it really set a great foundation for their inevitable relationship. Now their romance was believable. But throughout the story, I didn't like how Naomi kept going back and forth then just declaring his feelings for one brother. I just thought that the choice was quite obvious but the love triangle just got in the way and it felt unnecessary.

While I didn't enjoy the love triangle, I did like the romance between Theo and Naomi. I thought their love story felt more genuine than what could've happened with Marcus. I liked how sweet they were and how easily they clicked once they got past  the awkwardness of "meeting" again. As usual, like Anderson's other books, the steamy scenes were, well... steamy. As in hott! Double T's! It'll make you love Theo and Naomi even more, that's for sure.

More than the romance, I liked the musical aspect of the story. I think it's a cool spin to the story. I like that Naomi's tied to her craft and that her unique ability to pick up and learn an instrument quickly is a big part of her. It made her character all the more interesting plus it set her apart from the series' previous female leads.

Finding out Marcus would have his own book was a pleasant surprise. I think the dude really deserves a happily ever after. Through his chapters in the book (it's a triple POV by the way), I learned to appreciate Marcus on his own. I saw his drive and his passion, not just in his career but in his relationships. I can't wait to read more about him.

A Beautiful Melody, not really one of my favorites from the author but still definitely an entertaining romance read.

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