03 May 2014

(ARC) Book Review: Ringer C.J. Duggan

Ringer (Summer #3.5)
by C.J. Duggan
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Published: April 2nd 2014
Format Acquired: Review copy (thanks CJ!)
Purchase: Amazon
They say it’s the quiet ones you have to worry about, and she was quiet, very quiet—when she wasn’t busy despising me with a burning passion.

Ringo ‘Ringer’ James has a no-strings-attached policy.

Love them, leave them, and remain the eternal bachelor.

After a summer in which every one of his mates has succumbed to settling down, or so it seemed, Ringer is on the lookout for a quick exit. Having had enough of the stomach-turning love fest witnessed over the past three months, Ringer jumps at the opportunity to help out his mate, Max, by heading to Max’s dad’s property for a working holiday.

It’s just what he’s looking for. A remote, dusty homestead in Ballan, with only hard work, a cold beer and a comfy bed to worry about – no women.

Until Miranda Henry.

The privately educated daughter of his boss has returned home from overseas and things are about to get very complicated, very fast. As summer draws to its end, Ringer is about to learn that sometimes attraction defies all logic, and that there really is such a thing as ‘enemies with benefits.’
After weeks of not reading a single New Adult book, I finally ended my NA break with a book I've been dying to read. Ringer. Out of all characters in C.J. Duggan's Summer series, I wanted to read most about Ringer. He always has something funny to add to dialogues and I think he's a pretty interesting character. I wish he had a whole book though but I can't complain. A novella would have to do because.... well, it's RINGER.

What I liked most was how Duggan was able to tell the story smoothly. I'm often wary about novellas because I find that they're usually too rushed that you feel it's inadequate. But that wasn't the case with Ringer. It was a full story that took place in a short span of time. Duggan didn't waste a single page; she told the story like it is right from the start. Every chapter that after followed an easy pace that made the reading experience more enjoyable. 

I like that I got to know Ringer better, beyond his womanizing ways. I admit, he's nothing special amid playboy NA characters but he has that effect. Ringer's easy-going and a bit of a bully but I think it's what makes him more likable. I also like that Miranda is nothing like the female protagonists in the previous Summer books. She's perfect for Ringer! I love how they were picking on each other in the beginning. It was immature but it was pretty entertaining because you know something will happen between them. And it did! Ringer shows a side of him that you won't see in any of the books before and I. Love. It.

My only complaint however is the insta-love. Now that part was unnecessary. I just don't believe Ringer could fall so easily like that when he barely even knows Miranda. After all his complaining about his friends who are in love, I found it weird how easily Ringer could fall. Perhaps all Ringer needed was to find that one girl, but I  think he dropped the L-bomb too soon.

But what the heck. This novella is still good.

Once again, C.J. Duggan brings another story that's perfect for the summer. If you're still thinking if you should get this book well, stop. GET IT. There's tons of fun and swooning, guaranteed.

C.J. Duggan's Summer series


  1. The cover guy looks like Brendon Urie of Panic at the Disco!

  2. I've read one novella (and I know have several more) and was quite disappointed with exactly how you describe novellas: rushed and inadequate. Thanks for sharing that RINGER does not fit the novella mold!

    Oh, and insta-love...it's one thing I don't think I can ever get over in books!