19 February 2015

Blogger Woes: OMG How Do You Spell That? And More

Each time I create a blog post, I start with one tab in my browser. By the time I finish, I have multiple tabs open. This is why I take waaaay (way) too long working on a single entry. I constantly need to check something online. There's the usual buy links and book covers but the more time-consuming ones are what I'm going to share with you today. If you happen to do any of these, then WUHOO! I AM NOT ALONE IN THE WORLD!

1. Spell-check pro

I can't be the only one who abuses Google, right? I can articulate myself just fine in the English language but sometimes I find myself needing some help from everyone's dear ol' friend Google. (There's always the print dictionary but come on...) I mostly check out spellings because I am not always on my A-game. Grammar? Sure, I can handle it. But spelling? Uh... *kroo kroo* And sometimes I come across words that are very unfamiliar to me. Take for example, bildungsroman. I was transcribing my audio copy of the blogger forum with Marie Lu I attended last year. She said bildungsroman but to a non-writer such as myself, I thought I heard buildings roman. I was like, hey, wait a minute! That can't be right? I had to look it up and so I did. HEHE.


2. The perfect gif

I don't use GIF images all that much but when I do, my Google-ing skills are on fayaaar! Just kidding. Looking for GIFs to use isn't all that hard. Sometimes the most obvious string of search keywords works out well. 

What I needed: pic that screams: celebration!!!
What I Googled: pink confetti gif
What I got: Christina Aguilera

This works out well for JPEGs too. I once searched Googled images for, "girl screaming at computer" That was nice.

3. Title Capitalization

Back then I had simpler post titles (e.g. Book Review: The Sweetest Game by J. Sterling) so I rarely had trouble figuring out how to properly capitalize letters. But now I'm a bit more what-the-hell about the way I blog so capitalization is a bit tricky. (can't believe I'm admitting this) I found this website that helps me out. It gives you the correct form of your title and lists down the rules for caps:


These are the only ones I can think of right now because I frequently do them. But I think I'll remember a few more once I start up a new post because I'm bound to open a few extra tabs. :P

Do you do anything similar when you blog? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. You are looking deep, deep, deep into my soul! Whenever I see those squiggly red lines under a word I know I spelled correctly I go absolutely bonkers and I NEED to find out why the post editor is trying to correct me. I also sometimes, while writing blog posts, especially discussion posts, will mention a tiny little detail, something I know but am not quite sure of, so I go on an extensive research, like the ones I used to do in university, to check my sources...it's embarrassing really. Thank you so much for this post! I really needed to see I'm not alone. Ruby @ Ruby's books

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