03 April 2015

I Need Anastasia Steele Bangs (and Other Thoughts While Watching Fifty Shades of Grey)

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So I recently had the chance to watch Fifty Shades of Grey for the very first time... and it was uncut too! No black ovals, thankyouverymuch. I wanted to watch it for only two reasons:

1. Jamie Dornan (duh)
2. Dakota Johnson — because people said she was ahhmazing and I had to see for myself. I wasn't one of those who actively expressed their dislike of the actors chosen because I'm not a fan of the books. However, I also wasn't entirely sold with the casting. So yeah, I wanted to see if they had chemistry. 

Aaaand okay, maybe I was a wee bit curious how they handled the softcore porn *coughs* 

 But ANYWAY! Let's get on to my reactions, shall we?

I'm splitting my FSoG reactions into parts because I just have soooo much to say and I don't want to dump everything in a very long entry. 

ENJOY (hopefully)


1. I'm loving their soundtrack already. So sexy.


3. I love Jamie Dornan's shoulders. And back. I'm a shoulders-and-back girl.

4. I am loving Dakota Johnson's bangs.

5. Lip-biting? Already?
6. Hey cool it, Kate. Ana's outfit is pretty cute. (says the dork)

7. You can just park out front like that? In front of a building? (yes, parking is a concern where I work)


9. Okay, I didn't picture Christian's staff to look so... creepy.

10. That is the most unnatural trip-and-fall scene. Wonder how many takes it took.


12. Lip-biting.

13. Jamie needs a little bit more practice with his American accent.

14. Why would Kate send her super shy friend, who does not work for the school newspaper, to fill-in for her? Seriously. (Why am I only questioning the plot now?)

15. Ana: "Yuuup." Christian: "Seriously?" Okay they're both cute here.

16. "Oh, I exercise control in all things, Ms. Steele." It's the line! And he looked soooo good saying it. And Dakota looked so mesmerized hahaha

17. Ana has major flirting skills. Bambi eyes. Right there.

18. Ana asks if he's gay and she has the cutest facial expression ever!

19. Who bites their pencils during interviews with highly important people? Seriously? 

20. Lip-biting.

21. Ohoookay tell him your life plans, Ana. Sure. And while we're at it...

22. Offering her an internship, Christian? Really. (questioning the plot again)

23. This is next level flirting right here.

24. I don't like Kate much.

25. Lip-biting.

26. Jose just opened the door. What's the big deal. It's not like he fixed a jammed door.

27. Didn't realize Paul's good-looking. There is no average looking person in this cast.

28. Christian, ever the stalker. He was just standing there, waiting for her to pass by.

29. Christian: "I was in the area doing business; needed to pick up a few things." ...including you. *wink wink*

30. I need Dakota Johnson's bangs

31. Ana: "Organized group activity isn't really my thing." Christian: "So what is your thing?" Ana: "I don't know... books?" OH HEY, ME TOO! 

32. Ana: "Coveralls? To protect your clothes." Christian: "I could just take all my clothes off." JEEZ CHRISTIAN, GET A GRIP.

33. Ana: "I find you intimidating." Christian: "You should." Sab: *ROLLS EYES*

34. Christian: "I'm used to getting my way." Signs you should never go out with a guy again.

35. Christian grabbing Ana before a cyclist hits her: such a Twilight scene. Except Edward saved Bella from a car... which is more life threatening.

36. Christian: "I'm not the man for you. You should steer clear of me." YOU invited HER for coffee.

37. What is with the dramatic good bye? And don't get all upset, Ana. It was just coffee.

38. Invite her for coffee. Turn her down. Then send her expensive first edition books. Sigh. Why didn't this bother me before?

39. Also, love Kate's do here. 

40. Classic drunk move: call your ex. Well, if Christian can be considered an ex.

41. Hahahahaha love LOVE Dakota Johnson.



OKAY, I'm ending it here temporarily — before José gets beat up by Christian. Haha! More soon, and it'll get preeeetty awkward once I get to the, err, sexy parts. Fun stuff!

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P.S. in case I haven't made it clear yet — BANGS

Source: Slate.com

ALL gif images are from greyxsteele on Tumblr. Check out their stuff! Perfect for when you're on a Jamie Dornan / Dakota Johnson binge!

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