What's in My Bag? (Old Receipts... and Books!)

Hello, lovely book nerds. I present to you: THE CONTENTS OF MY BAG! Huzzah!!!

(I say that like I carry around magic but it's really just a bunch of girly stuff and crumpled up receipts. LOL totally not kidding with the title b-t-dubs.)

The picture I used for my banner is indeed mine. It's not all that I bring daily but that's the bulk of it and the only things you'd want to see. So here's a rundown of what I carry to work (and anywhere else for that matter) everyday:

1. Kikay kit. 

Quick Filipino lesson for the benefit of everyone who doesn't speak the language:

So a kikay kit is basically a tiny pouch where I store all of my girly things i.e. some makeup, some hair scrunchies etc. (I also store my toothbrush, toothpaste and contacts solution there but let's file that under "girly things" too) I can't leave the house without this. I don't put a lot of makeup on my face though but it's sort of comforting to know I have something with me if I'd ever need it. Don't want to be caught unprepared! And trust me, if you live in a tropical country where it's almost always humid, you're gonna need something to make your face not look so greasy. Ack!


Spoiler Alert: Gwen Stacy is So Dead

It’s love month and here on Nerd Book I wanted to make you guys a little something-something that would fit the theme. *totally unsuspicious wink* I’m totally trustworthy, just ask the Bookeater. *another totally unsuspicious wink* Okay my winky eye is getting tired, so I’d say it’s about time to jump into the thick of this article, so let’s go!

This article is going to be about the two most recent Spiderman films, and just so you can’t say I didn’t warn you, 

You can be a DC fan or a marvel fan but you gotta love you some Spidey right? I mean back in 2000(ish) Tobey Maguire awkwardly brought Peter Parker to life on the big screen. It’s not hard to relate to a nerdy guy that’s always picked on by most of his schoolmates. Kind of hard to argue with this point, it’s like he was created so that high school loners across the world would have a hero to relate to. To my knowledge, and personal experience, he was the first hero any normal person could relate with (unless you were a popular kid in high school), you could actually go up to Peter Parker and go “oh hey bro, I kinda feel you.” Imagine saying something like that to ultra-bourgeois psychopath Bruce Wayne, or alien from another mother Clark Kent. Right? Right. Now after 3 movies, the last one including an awkward emo strut from Tobey Maguire, we immediately got word that they’re rebooting Spiderman. Whoaaaaaa. That was big for me, it kinda just shakes me so hard whenever someone reboots a franchise, off the top of my head I can't help but think there was an executive that just went “oh hey that was nice, but I think we can top that.” And reboot they did.

Enter the Spiderman of the new generation, Andrew Garfield. Okay I’m not gonna go in depth with this guy because he’s not the main point of this article. What? A Spiderman article that’s not focused on Spiderman? Why Melo?? I WILL TELL YOU READER. But you’ll have to wait to hear the answer. Hahah


Blogger Woes: OMG How Do You Spell That? And More

Each time I create a blog post, I start with one tab in my browser. By the time I finish, I have multiple tabs open. This is why I take waaaay (way) too long working on a single entry. I constantly need to check something online. There's the usual buy links and book covers but the more time-consuming ones are what I'm going to share with you today. If you happen to do any of these, then WUHOO! I AM NOT ALONE IN THE WORLD!

1. Spell-check pro

I can't be the only one who abuses Google, right? I can articulate myself just fine in the English language but sometimes I find myself needing some help from everyone's dear ol' friend Google. (There's always the print dictionary but come on...) I mostly check out spellings because I am not always on my A-game. Grammar? Sure, I can handle it. But spelling? Uh... *kroo kroo* And sometimes I come across words that are very unfamiliar to me. Take for example, bildungsroman. I was transcribing my audio copy of the blogger forum with Marie Lu I attended last year. She said bildungsroman but to a non-writer such as myself, I thought I heard buildings roman. I was like, hey, wait a minute! That can't be right? I had to look it up and so I did. HEHE.



Happy Valentine's to Every FANGIRL Out There (A GIVEAWAY!)

HAPPY (post) VALENTINE'S DAY, BOOKNERDS!!! How's everyone doing? I hope everyone had a good February 14th as I surely did. I must admit though, I barely read over the weekend because of all the hot air balloon happiness but no worries! I have the entire month of February to catch up. I'll be reading only contemporary romances this month, mostly YA if I could help it, and fingers crossed I find something worthy of a 5-star rating (or four... four's not so bad).

So anyhow, this post was supposed to go up yesterday — Valentine's day itself! — but I apparently failed to click "schedule" when I drafted my post. Eep! I had to add this whole intro otherwise my post would sound weird and a little blast from the past. Heehee.

In case you don't know yet, I'm a proud fangirl... or fantard as some people call it. Meaning, I'm not ashamed to obsess about books, movies, or series. As in I would go on days just talking about that one topic to the point where my friends and family tell me to shut up... they don't but I reckon they want to. They're just too nice to tell me outright. (LOVE YOU!!!) So I figured, for Valentine's day I'll share the love and  pass on the fangirling to YOU. Plus, I'm making it a wee bit Valentine's-y because WHY NOT? Hey, love comes in all forms, right? Excuses, excuses. 


I was MEANT to Read 'Meant to Be' by Lauren Morrill – and so are YOU!

The book cover matches my sheets. Coincidence? I think not! MEANT. TO. BE. LOL.
View synopsis HERE
Reading slumps are the worst. I was on a slump that stretched for about 2 months when I started reading Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill. I remember being in Fullybooked three weeks ago, January 22nd to be specific, (the receipt is still in the book!), browsing the young adult contemporary shelves in search of a book that would hopefully help my reading mojo back. Like always, I consult Dianne of Oops! I Read A Book Again via SMS. She may not always be available to reply to my senseless and often random text messages, but I text her just the same. I feel like I just need someone to go all out book nerdy with, you know? So anyway, Dianne and I were texting and I asked her if she had any easy reads (i.e. nothing too intense, feels sprinkled all over) to recommend... SPOILER: if you think she said MEANT TO BE! well, she didn't. Nope. Heehee. She eagerly told me to pick up any Kasie West book. So... yeah.

Phase 1: Pick a book you WANT to read

What's the point in telling you this side story? Well... I don't have one actually hahaha but!!! I'd like to think I was meant to read this book (HAHA yeah, I totally found a way to say that) because just when I was able to leave the aisle, Pivot Point by Kasie West in hand, I saw Meant to Be and picked it up as well. I asked Dianne about it, naturally, but I knew I was going to get it no matter what. It's been on my TBR list for so long that I forgot about it already. It's pathetic.


The Dynamic Duo: Jennifer E. Smith and Lissa Price (& a giveaway!)

Why hello there, booknerds! Welcome to another round of #FlashbackFebruary! Inasmuch as I would love to transcribe yet another recording of our Q&A with the authors for all of you to read, I just simply can't. The truth is -- my audio sucks. I must've been behind the speakers or maybe I was was holding my phone the wrong way. *scratches head* Oh well, there'll be other times I suppose. 

So instead of sharing an entire (nearly verbatim) Q&A on the blog today, I'll share some tidbits. You ready?

Day 4 of Flashback February! Yahoo! Almost there!

On what 'happy' means for Jennifer E. Smith:

When asked what Jenn's happy looks like (as in her book, This is What Happy Looks Like) she answered: "Being in the Philippines with all of you." I remember she smiled so sweetly after writing this that we couldn't help by collectively say, awwwwww! Such a sweetheart! She said that Ellie's happy in the beginning of the book is very similar to hers. i.e. thunderstorms (did I hear this one right?!?! Damn audio), ice cream on a hot day.


Flashback February: A Day with Claudia Gray and Madeleine Roux (Q&A + Giveaway)

Hurray! We made it (rather, I made it) to day thuuureeee of #FlashbackFebruary! (why does everything have to be hashtagged nowadays?) I'm kind of groggy as I'm typing this so bear with me. Don't worry though, there's not much of a difference compared to when I've had a full 6-hour sleep. Say, when did 8 hours stop being the normal length?

Just in case you need reminding about my giveaways:

And we fly!

*jazz hands and crazy eyes*

October 18th of last year (it's crazy how time flies!), National Bookstore brought Claudia Gray and Madeleine Roux to Manila for a book signing day at Glorietta 1. I swear, they sure spoiled us last year!

I got the opportunity to meet Claudia Gray -- the woman responsible for making me cry when I thought there weren't any physical copies of her book anymore at the store. (Backstory: I read the eARC of A Thousand Pieces of You and went absolutely gaga over it. When it came to the book signing, I was told there were no more copies of it. I cried... a bit... SERIOUSLY just a bit. Like, it didn't even roll down my cheek. I looked like this though. But as it turns out -- there were still copies in the backroom and I quickly felt like a huge dork for loosing mah cool like that. As if I had any cool to begin with.) And of course, I was also excited to meet Madeleine Roux. She just looks super badass -- with her do and her books? Hellz yeah.

A side story: Madeleine was wearing a yellow House Baratheon shirt-dress that day. I think I love her.

Here were are again with yet another Q&A! I actually arrived 20 minutes late this day! So while the other bloggers in attendance have 40-minute recordings posted on their blogs, I only have 19 minutes and 55 seconds of Q&A to share with you all but I promise, they're worth the read. 

And don't forget! Giveaway at the end of the post!

At the book signing. Photo from: National Bookstore
If you were born sometime in  the 19th century, or earlier, and were suddenly transported to the 21st century. What would be the first thing you would want to understand or learn about?

Claudia: It would depend on where I was born exactly. Because if I'm from the Roman Empire, I'm gonna have a really different set of questions than if I'm from like 1888. I'm sorry, you just reminded me of something I saw years ago. It was a comedy of list of like things Abraham Lincoln would say if he were alive today. And they were all sort of these wise sayings, sort of this and that... tweets for the modern era. And then one of them was: Ahh! Iron bird! 'Cause, you know, he wouldn't know what an airplane was! He would freak out! And so I might just be going, what are the iron birds? I don't know... I think probably, one thing that is probably pretty consistent from virtually any time of the past except maybe sort of pre-history is I would be pretty excited at how far women have come. And also wondering why we have not come even farther, probably. Although for most eras in the past I would be really thrilled and impressed with what's happening now.

Madeleine: Pants! Pants on women!


Flashback February: The Legend and The Young Elite, Marie Lu, in Manila (Q&A + Giveaway)

What's up, nerds? It's day 2 of Flashback February and this time around, I'm taking you back to November of 2014! In case you missed day 1, I featured the recently concluded James Frey book signing tour

DAY 2! 
Cue the dancing Stormtroopers! 
Because. Darth Vader. Marie Lu.... nevermind, keep reading and you'll see. ;-)

On November 23rd, 2014 Marie Lu came to the Philippines to meet fans in Manila and in Cebu for a book signing tour with National Bookstore. (yay!) I knew lots of readers were very excited to meet the talented writer behind the Legend series and her newest book/series -- The Young Elites. I know I was! I put off reading Legend for months before I decided it was 'time'. And I quickly regret procrastinating! I instantly became a fan of Marie Lu's brilliant writing. 

So yeah... "excited" is an understatement. I just knew I had to meet her no matter what!


Today, I'm sharing with you the Q&A with Marie Lu. Like day 1, I'm also giving away a SIGNED copy of her book so be sure to read on! (I know you'll probably just scroll to the very end but... hey, thanks for dropping by! Hah!)

Photo from: National Bookstore

What made you decide to write books for young adults? 

I actually didn't know that I was writing books for young adults until I was writing Legend and gave it to my agent. I pitched Legend to my agent as just science fiction. And it was my agent who was the one who told me, this actually fits into a category called young adult. And I have never really heard of young adult until that point. So I kind of fell into it by accident because my writing style apparently fit it really well. But looking back I'm not surprised because, you know, when I was in highschool I read almost exclusively fantasy and science fiction. And a lot of those books, even though they're categorized as adult fiction tend to have teenage protagonists so I've always kind of thought of stories in that way, with teenage characters at the center of it. I think the process of growing up, you know, the bildungsroman story line falls within really well with fantasy and science fiction because you're growing up! and also, the world's ending! Which just makes everything more extreme. And I think that's what makes it fun for me to write about. And I love reading young adult now. I read almost exclusively young adult. 


Flashback February: That Time I Met James Frey (Q&A + Giveaway)

From Monday to Friday, I'll be sharing recaps of author events I've been to. I'm calling it Flashback February because I was on a slight hiatus for most of last year so I wasn't able to properly blog about all the bookish things I've been up to. However, I'm back now and that means...

*cue confetti and bacon*

That means recaps and more giveaways! I'm already raffling off Anna and the French Kiss. There's still 3 days left so make sure to get your entries in!

I'm starting the 5-day bonanza (ha-ha I feel weird just typing that! Bo-nan-zahhhh) with a recap from the event just last Sunday, February 1st!


Last week, James Frey was in the Philippines for a book signing tour with National Bookstore. It was a two-day event for fans in Manila and in Cebu who were very eager to meet the man behind I Am Number Four and his most recent work -- The Calling (Endgame #1). In the weeks leading up to the signing, National Bookstore got the go signal to mention in their promos that James Frey is the creator of Lorien Legacies and that he'll be signing books from that series as well. Needless to say, lots of readers were doubly excited for this event!

I'm so excited to be sharing the Q&A we had with James Frey. He's such a cool dude (yes, "dude") and I appreciate how straightforward his answers were. Read on and stick around because I'll be giving away a SIGNED copy of The Calling at the end of this post!

Which part of the book was hard to write: beginning, middle, or end? And why?

Of Endgame? I mean, books aren't really ever hard that way. You know, it's just all sort of the same. We changed the ending like four times. So I guess, that would be the hardest, only because we redid it. There are four different endings and kept redoing it so I thought it was the right ending. But you know books are... I think all books are kinda equally hard to write. In the beginning it's hard because you know there's hundreds of pages in front of you. The middle is probably the easiest. And then the end is hard because you gotta get it right. If the end stinks, the whole book stinks, right?