04 January 2016

Thoughts on The Heir by Kiera Cass

Let's get one thing straight: I loved The Selection series. I loved it more for its entertainment factor than the entirety of the plot. Because let's face it, you won't get much out of it other than feels. (Was that harsh?) So when Kiera Cass announced that the then trilogy had a baby (HEHEHE not her words but I feel awfully proud of myself for saying that) and that the fourth book would be about America and Maxon's daughter, I didn't know how to feel. First off, I asked why? Why continue a story that ended on a good note. Sure, I fantasized about what could have happened after the coronation, but to create a new story centred on their teenage daughter? I don't think I care enough. (But apparently I do because I read the damn book!) Second, I wondered what else could she possibly write about when the first series of books were already running low on a good storyline. I'd like to think that more than the love story, there's a lot more to say about the character growth in the books. And I loved America and Maxon's transformation (although we don't get to see much of Maxon's). However, I couldn't imagine how the same could possibly extend to the fourth book without it being repetitive. Having said that, I think there's still some redeeming factors that helped me get through The Heir and eventually want to read the fifth and final book in The Selection series, The Crown

Based on the synopsis alone, I can tell there won't be as much romance in this book as there was in the first three. I was looking forward to it though because last time, we only saw the selection from America's eyes, a contestant. I reckon the competition told from the eyes of the princess would be exciting. It was. At least in the few chapters that actually focused on that, it was. I got to see how she tried to balance her responsibilities as a princess and her responsibilities in the selection. I particularly liked it whenever there would be "private" dates because Eadlyn became more vulnerable and less prissy. I wished there were less group dates though. It's different, yes, but DAMN IT! Where are all the feeeeeels? There were some really sweet scenes between Eadlyn and a couple of contestants but I wish there was more of that. Or I wish the same translated in the group dates. Kiera Cass can write REALLY GOOD PG-13 romantic scenes and I just wanted more of that. I craved for it! (hehe)

But I understand that it's not all about romance and that ultimately this is about Princess Eadlyn's growth as a person and as an heir to the throne. I was expecting her to be determined but hesitant because that seems to be the pattern with your usual princess stories. However, I was not expecting her growth so late in the story. I appreciate that she changed little by little, and I guess that's believable, but to repeat the same stubbornness for a lot of chapters was too much. I got very annoyed easily and I honestly didn't have that much patience for a book. Perhaps it's also my fault because I dove into the story expecting it to be mostly fluff and feels. Point is — I wasn't getting the same satisfaction as I did with America's story. 

The ending... was too much. Too much happening, too late in the book. While this could be a perfect way to set up the next book, personally, I just don't like it when a whole lot of stress is dumped so near the end. It's like I'm being duped into reading the next book. 

The redeeming qualities? Yes, they were few. And yes, there were a lot of things that didn't quite work for me. But will I finish the series? 

YES. Big yes. Because I love the world that Kiera Cass built and I am not going to deprive myself of answers to a cliffhanger. What am I doing to my (reading) life!!! IT IS A STRUGGLE TO BE ME. 

Kidding, kidding. No need to get dramatic, Sab.

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