So Apparently I'm 16 Books Behind (But Thank Heavens for Wine)

Well hellooooo there, human! Guess who's back?

Not me. I don't want this momentary break from my break to get jinxed so let's not call this anything. Think of it as me dusting off that old guitar I've had for four years in the hopes of learning to play once again. My point is: let's not get too optimistic. But... I MISSED YOU! Yes, you, human and blog.

Something magical has happened the past few weeks. It's nothing big or buzz worthy. It's just amazing given the circumstances. And that is....

I'M READING AGAIN! (drats! Now that I mentioned it, I'm probably messing this up. Nooooo)
There were a few months where I struggled to read. I would go through my usual habit of starting books really excited and losing interest quickly. And it only got worse from there! Some weeks I wouldn't even crack open a single book. There were days where I ignored my shelves completely. SO DRAMATIC, I KNOW! But for a bookworm who was able to finish a hundred books in a year (a.k.a. the good ol' times), this is DEPRESSING.