14 February 2019

Quick Fire Review (also HELLZ YEAH!): The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

The hype is real! I purposefully chose today, of all days, to post my (short) review on this one. It's Valentine's Day! I am a sucker for all things cheesy, figuratively and literally. Also, because THE HYPE. IS. REAL. 

This was quite a fun book to read. So much sexiness and wit wrapped up in an almost comical office rivalry. I initially thought they'd be more vicious but it wasn't the case at all. Sally Thorne created the perfect balance of romance, one that's both tender and steamy minus the overpowering drama we often find in books in the same genre. So glad they're making a movie of this!

Pro-tip: Do not read in the office. Much better to meet Lucy and Josh in the privacy of your bedroom. I'm serious. *wide eyed*

I would also like to point out how much of a little old lady I am. I need to know who got the promotion in the end. I am genuinely concerned. Why wasn't it mentioned even in passing?! (Because not everyone is a dork, Sab. That's why.)


  1. I LOVE THIS BOOK! Lucy and Josh's chemistry = scorching! Great review, Sab! :D

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    2. Hi-ya, Bea! Glad we're on the same page! Have you read the new book, 99 Percent Mine? Heard it's not doing as well as The Hating Game :(