10 February 2019

Quick Fire Review: 2/5 Stars for Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

I don’t know how to feel about this. It was sex and death and sex and death and... I need a hug! It goes from sweet to erotic to heartbreaking so sickeningly fast. I know the book offers a lot of profound insight on death and living but I just couldn’t put myself in the proper headspace to absorb all that. I was just so taken by the depressing tone of the book. Is this how it is reading a Murakami? You need to brace yourself before diving into his words? Fight through all the layers of sadness to really appreciate the literature? I repeat: I need a hug.

I think just by how LOST I am for words, unable to explain how I feel about this book, it’s enough for me to rate it 2/5. It’s okay. Probably not the best Murakami book to start with.

Now accepting book recommendations. Which Murakami book is easy on newbies?

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