31 March 2019

I'M TIRED. My Review of Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3) by Tahereh Mafi

(In case you missed it: MY REVIEW OF SHATTER ME and UNRAVEL ME.)

I gotta say, not the best book to read after a long work week. I deserve better than this. This was terribly disappointing. Wait, no. It shouldn’t disappoint me because I’ve had such low expectations from the start of the series. I shouldn’t be surprised by how utterly ridiculous the third installment is. I SHOULD’VE EXPECTED THIS. 

The entire Shatter Me series shouldn’t be called a dystopia. It really isn’t. It’s a romance, complete with a silly love triangle and a lot of graphic sexy time that you don’t normally see in young adult titles. It’s so annoyingly overpowering that I often found myself skipping parts that highlighted the love angle. It’s was tiring to read. The dystopia and paranormal aspect? It was just THERE, a pathetic excuse for a plot. The whole time I was just thinking, “where does the fighting start? I want to see the Xmen (lol) fight!” It came rather late and I was already bored out of my mind by then. 

Let’s get this out of the way: I don’t like how readers were made to like Warner. Everything you were told in the first two books about Adam and Warner? LIES. ALL LIES. They’re all conveniently erased and overly explained in Ignite Me. First it was Juliette defaulting to Adam because he’s the only one who can touch her. But now it’s Juliette defaulting to Warner... because HE too can touch her. It’s all physical!!!!!! 

I’m calm. 

I would’ve been more accepting if she chose no one and focused on her powers and world domination. But I suppose teen girls in a broken down society have needs too.

The writing is still the purple mumbo jumbo that I don’t like. I’ve already ranted about that in the first two books, no need to rehash here. There’s really not much to it. 

The ending was anti-climactic. All that work for THAT??? Was this rushed? Did it become boring to write towards the end because Juliette and Warner have sorted their shit out and there’s nothing to write about anymore? It definitely read like that. It was such a snooze fest as far as dystopia endings go. 

There will now be more books. THREE more. I can’t imagine how those will go. I mean, what else is there to write about now that the love triangle is over?


  1. Your review is gold!! Don't hate me but I love this book but I'm not sure if I'll love the next three books. I'm here for Kenji :P

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  3. I'M TIRED. My Review of 'Ignite Me' (Shatter Me #3) by Tahereh Mafi: Reading 'Ignite Me' felt like an exhilarating marathon that left me both mentally and emotionally spent. Tahereh Mafi's writing ignites a passionate fire in her characters that mirrors the very essence of survival, strength, and love. The tension, the twists, and the raw vulnerability of Juliette kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. It's a testament to Mafi's storytelling prowess that she can exhaust her readers while leaving them yearning for more. 'Ignite Me' is a dazzling conclusion to the Shatter Me series, leaving me eagerly awaiting more from this talented author.