19 March 2019

It's a Four out of Five for My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Forget the romance. It was great and all. Jase said all the right things at the right moment. Nothing over the top cheesy. Samantha took it all in like a sport, no unnecessary pushback for the sake of a plot. Really not much to say about it. I loved it. 

What I truly enjoyed about this book was the emphasis on FAMILY. Samantha and Jase had different family dynamics at home and they both faced them head on in spite of the unfavorable circumstances. 

I just love the fact that it all seemed believable. You know how sometimes authors just seem to enjoy throwing too many crappy situations at the characters to get from point A to point B? That wasn’t the case at all here. None of the conflicts seemed out of place. The story flowed beautifully. I was left feeling empty when I turned the last page. I want more of these characters!

Just when I thought I’m slowly becoming a YA snob, I come across this book. And I’m glad. My Life Next Door is a reminder that no matter how old I get, YA contemporary books will always be special to me.

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