26 April 2019

The Confessional: Why I Read Romance

Whenever I'd tell others I'm reading a romance book, I often feel unnecessarily defensive. Like I have to watch out for any judgment they might throw at me. Sometimes there is, especially if I tell them I'm reading a flat out romance with people showing skin on the book cover. But often I'd receive genuine curiosity in return.

"Ohhhh what are you reading?"

"What's that about?"

"You read romance?"

The last one is where I begin my spiel about how I enjoy romance novels for how they're written. It's not just the romantic scenes. It's how the author puts together the most beautiful string of words in sentences that undoubtedly invite feels. 

Romance novels make me feel.

And that's the part I don't share often to people I talk to. 

Romance novels fulfill the readers' fantasies, whatever it may be. For me it isn't the hot billionaire or the steamy interactions. It's in the way love is expressed. The affection. The attention. The time spent wooing the main character. 

Is it so bad to want to be wooed? 

Romance novels make me feel good and I'm not ashamed to say that. They leave me feeling hopeful and positive. Why wouldn't I want that? (Unless of course the plot isn't something I agree with then it leaves me feeling differently. LOL)

So to all romance writers out there: THANK YOU. And keep up the good, beautiful work. You're making plenty of people happy. :-)


I'm about to finish my current romance read: The Day of The Duchess by Sarah MacLean, recommended by my friend Lyra. I LOVE I! I wish I don't have finals coming up because reading this now feels so sinful. I'm supposed to be studying. Hah! 

Now I'm in the market for my next historical romance read. Feel free to drop some recommendations in the comments section! 

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