Rating System

I'm using Goodreads' rating standard because it's the easiest way for me to rate a book. So erm... thanks Goodreads!

5 Stars (It was amazing)*

I highly recommend this book, it gave me a hangover, and I wish I were part of their world. Or at least I wish the characters existed in mine and I'm friends with them.

4 Stars (I really liked it)

I highly recommend this book. It didn't give me a hangover but I still love how the story went. It just lacked a little bit of something.

3 Stars (I liked it)

This is the point where I feel torn because I enjoyed the book a great deal but I couldn't bring myself to rate it 4 stars. I constantly have to remind myself that three star ratings are still good.

2 Stars (It was ok)

 I would neither recommend it nor keep you from reading it. It lacked a lot of somethings. But it still had a some sort of redeeming quality, no matter how little it was.

1 Star (Didn't like it)*

Why did I even bother reading this in the first place? I had to finish it because I wanted to rant about it in my blog. I didn't like the plot, I hated the characters, and I have a problem with how it was written. It took me several attempts to finish it. I just... I can't even-

*I use 5 stars and 1 star ratings sparingly. That's why I used Goodreads' rating system because it has labels (e.g. It was amazing). It's easier for me to identify how much I love/like/hate a book.