08 January 2013

Of Books, Boys and Bangs

I'm so bent on getting this out that I decided to blog about it right away even if I have a Philosophy paper to write. I always want to post a variety of blog entries so for tonight, I'm sharing something different to everyone - personal photos.

I grew my hair long for my sister's wedding (December 29th) so I can get it styled. I originally planned to get a haircut next month so I can grow my hair a little bit longer that way when I did get it cut, it would still be at a length I liked. Overtime though, the tips started to get crummier so I had to get it cut off as soon as possible.

So today, I finally decided to get that darn haircut even if I knew my hair would definitely be too short even after just a trim. I just wanted a trim, really. But then I got too ambitious...

Yes, I got bangs. Again. It's like I didn't learn anything at all from the full bangs fiasco in 2011. I didn't get full bangs today though, but because of my stick straight hair it won't stay side swept! Really, it's hard to get it to stay in place.

I figured there must be something good that can come out of this. For one, I can go anime...

Err. Not quite.
Or with the proper accessories I can go hipster...

I don't even know what hipsters look like anymore.
I don't know how to feel about my bangs, really. I've formed this love-hate-relationship with it the moment I saw what the hairstylist did. So I guess I'll just have to wait for it to grow back and then vow to never get bangs. Ever. Again. Again. 

So much for wanting to look like a 20-turning-21 year old.
There must be a silver lining to this. If there's anything I've learned in books, it's that it's totally possible for cute guys to go for dorky girls. Wow how profound. 

Speaking of books! My dad bought me a book for Christmas. He didn't really want to give me a book because he thinks books are too inexpensive for a present. I told him, "Don't challenge me. *wags finger*" At any rate he still agreed to buy me a book because I wouldn't take no for an answer. I only asked for one because I didn't want to be such a spoiled brat. Tee hee.

I went to a bookstore with three books in mind: Divergent, The Selection, and Hush, Hush. Much to my surprise, none of the books I wanted were in stock. In fact, a lot of the first books in series I liked were sold out. So instead of settling for book one of whatever YA series I found there, I opted to grab a book in a series I already own: Revelations (Blue Bloods #3). It's been a while since I last read the series and now that I have book three, I can't wait to get back to it!

Now why exactly did it take me 2 years to get the third book? Books one and two were given by my ex-boyfriend. He introduced me to the series back then and when things fell apart (I was about to go "hehe Achebe" I remembered it was Things FALL Apart and not FELL. Doy) I didn't feel like continuing the series anymore. I know, dramatic. But ever since my love for books was rekindled and deepened (how exaggerated!) and my selective OCD kicked in, I just couldn't stand seeing the two Blue Bloods books in my shelf looking lonely. So yeah, I'm definitely continuing this series now. I want complete series in my shelf now!!! (conviction right there)

Being hopped up on cute love stories for days now, I then imagined (and please take this as it is) how great of a gesture it would be if someone were to give you the first book in a long series with the intention of staying to finish it with you. (hopefully things wouldn't end once the series is finished haha) *sigh* 

Dear book gods, know any dude book nerds? LOL kidding. Or not.

Well that's that! School resumes tomorrow and... *cries* I'm hoping I wouldn't need to take a blogging hiatus. Things are about to get ugly.

Good night from my side of the globe! ;-)


  1. I love the Blue Bloods series. I can't wait for the last book this month!

    1. Gaaah I'm still on book 3! I hope I can catch up fast!