11 May 2013

Blogger Spotlight (Newbie Blogger Edition) #6: Aki @ Bookfests in Bed

This week I was supposed to feature the ladies from Say It With Books, Nuzaifa and Rachel, unfortunately technology was being a cranky little beyotch so they won't be joining me on the blog just yet. Not to worry though! The Blogger Spotlight continues with Aki from Bookfests in Bed!


Name: Aki ♥

Blog Name: Bookfests in Bed :}
Blogoversary: Okay. This one—okay, if my blog was my baby, I’d suck as a mother. I’m not sure when I made the blog itself, but I’m pretty sure that was around January 2013. My first post ever was on January 21, so (since my memory is failing me) I’d say that’s my ‘official’ blogoversary :}
Preferred Genres: It all depends on my mood, actually. In general, I like paranormal thrillers, paranormal romance, suspense thrillers, contemporary realistic fiction and romance, in general. Now, I’m into contemporary realistic fiction. I was into paranormal romance for a while. :}
Short Bio: I’ve been living for almost two decades, and I’ve discovered my love for reading way before I went to school. No, really. My mom said I threw dolls out the window as a kid, and I loved books. I still do. :”>

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Hello, Aki, and welcome to Sab The Book Eater! Thank you so much for being here on such short notice. And because you’re freaking awesome, I’m naming this, “The Newbie Blogger Edition.” Haha!
HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! YAY! Thank you so much for having me here! :} It’s good to be here. :> Hahahaha. I feel like I’m on Minute to Win It or something cause of that ‘newbie blogger edition’ label. Hahahaha.

First usual question: what jumpstarted your book blogging life?
WELL. It all began when a friend *ehem, ehem* started blogging. And I just—I HAD to start writing again. So, I thought, since I haven’t been able to write short stories (I used to write fanfiction) recently, I’d give blogging a go. I haven’t been posting regularly—I don’t want to drop the T-word, but I will. See, I’ve been preparing for my thesis this coming school year so, not so much time to post. /tears I wish I could post more from now on :<

But, anyway. So, I was planning to start blogging, but I haven’t had good books to really review. I mean, I wanted my first review to be an awesome one—like mind-blowing awesome—but ‘the one’ was taking too long.

So, time passed UNTIL my professor in Children’s Literature asked my classmates and I to annotate some books. We had to submit it in a creative way, so I was like, hey! I can send mine via a blog! What’s better is that she even made us write a review for Flipped byWendelin Van Draanen. Thus, my first ever blog post! :)

Your blog name, Bookfests in Bed... I like the play on words. Where did you get the inspiration for that?
Actually, my first ever blog name idea sucked. It was: Aki Speaks for the Books. I just watched Lorax then, so it was a play on Lorax’s ‘I speak for the trees’ line. Then, I found that it was REALLY, REALLY corny—so corny, that I can’t even think of a tagline or something—so I decided to change it.

The next idea was The Parrotless Pirate. Actually, the peg was more of something about travellers. I wanted the tagline to be: ‘travelling the world, one book at a time’. I went for pirates because I was thinking of how adventures were treasures. I was really excited about it—but there were a lot of ‘parrotless pirates’. I didn’t want to share so I thought of other things.

It did break my heart though—I had the tagline up and ready: Travelling the seven seas, one chapter at a time.
So, I thought more about it until I was so tired of thinking that I just continued reading. Then, it dawned on me.

I loved reading books in bed, and that I READ BOOKS for breakfast (no, I’m not really a breakfast-y person)—then came: Bookfests in Bed. I wanted it to be Bookfest in Bed—no S—but then, I still put the S there. I’m not really sure why anymore. :)))) /fail memory is fail

What has been the biggest challenge in maintaining your blog so far?
School and Thesis! If I could make this my lifelong job or something, my blog would probably update every hour! I just find it so hard to juggle studies, interpersonal relationships, reading and blogging—I also have organizations. Hahaha. It daunts me a lot. -.-“ I really wish I could hurry up and learn how to balance things already. :( I really like blogging. And receiving comments. :>

Aside from reading and blogging, what keeps you busy?
BETA-reading and my academic life aka INTERNSHIP. I work 8 hours, man! Oh, and my addiction to animes too. So many things I want to do, but so little tiiiime.

Dear Nikki Rae, I haven’t finished your book. Please do not be mad. /tears

Since you’re relatively new to the community, which item on your bookish bucklist do you want to scratch off the soonest?
Finish my to-be-reviewed-list and make more friends. I need to socialize with the blogging community more. Oh, and catch up with my reading. I wanted to read 100 books this year—I’m not sure if I could pull it off anymore. Hahaha.

How do you see your blog in the next 6 months?
VERY PRETTY. I really liked HTML and CSS before, but we all broke up, because HTML found that I cheated on it with CSS. So, I’m trying to patch up my relationship with both of them—and introducing them to a new friend, Java. Whilst doing so, I am also trying to think of an awesome layout—that’s something to be excited for. I might be able to pull it off before my blogoversary—a small gift for my blog and myself.

And, I’m also trying to make a pretty banner—and icon. :>

OH. And more posts. More posts, definitely. I am developing two memes, as well. *u*


First book review request: Elvira Baryakina’s White Shanghai. I haven’t read it until now. -.-“ I had too much books on my to-be-reviewed list.

First blog name idea: Aki Speaks for the Books. So corny. Hahahaha. Then, The Parrotless Pirate. Hahaha. In the beginning I really wanted it to be a noun—so that when I’m all popular, I’ll be called ‘Parrotless Pirate’ instead of just Aki. Hahaha. In the end, I’m still just Aki, hahaha.

First book reviewed: Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen! It was a requirement in school, but I tried posting it—and it’s still my most viewed post ever.

First blog you followed: Sab the Book Eater. :} No kidding.

First post ever: MYABOUT PAGE. Hahahahahahaha. That was all I knew. I didn’t know anything about book blogging then! :)))) I did write Flipped a few days after. :)


  1. Hello, Aki! Welcome to the blogosphere. :) I love the tagline "Travelling the seven seas, one chapter at a time." Too bad you weren't able to use it.

    Charlie @ Letter Trails

  2. Ooh, Aki's reviews & challenges look cool... I followed you on Goodreads Aki as I checked out your first post (About Me)! :D
    I can't wait to see Say It With Books here. Too bad technology was mean :P