27 February 2014


I'M DONE. DONE with exams, papers, quizzes... COLLEGE. WUHOO! 

Kind of.

It's not official yet. Graduation ceremony's next month so I have a loooot of free time till then. Before, uh, adult life begins. *gulps*

But anyway. When I bid sorta-goodbye last month (exactly a month ago!) I said my co-blogger, Melo, will drop by to keep you guys entertained during my sorta-absence. Unfortunately he wasn't able to post anything because he also had to deal with his thesis. It's a long story. Touchy subject. We're both back now! And we both don't know what to do with our lives anymore now that we're done with school requirements. Heh. I promise to bug Melo for some blog content, possibly something with both of us in one post, in the coming days. This'll be fun.

AND! We're finishing up that super-secret-post-post-Valentine's-day blog thing Dianne and I having been planning on for weeks now. Sorry for the delay. LIFE.

That's it. I'm officially back to my regular blogging and book eating ways! :D

(Aragorn's dramatic entrance for effect)


  1. Yay! It's good to have you back! :) x

  2. Welcome back Sab! Congratulations! :) Awesome achievement.
    Welcome to life as an adult. Now all you need is a mortgage, perhaps a husband and credit card debt and you'll be a full member :D

  3. This is an awesome milestone, Sab! Congratulations!!! I suggest at least a month's rest for vacation since it's summer here, before jumping into the corporate world! LIFE can wait! Welcome to adulthood (and bills and more responsibility)!

  4. YOU'RE BAAAAAAAACK!!!! [yuck, halatang namiss eh lol]

  5. Wuhoooo! Congrats for surviving college. I will officially treat you as an adult starting next month. Haha!