12 March 2014

In Which I Introduce My Reading Kit

Today is a special day because I'll be featuring something dear to me. Books are special, of course, but this is different. It's almost like a child to me. It sorta is... (more on that later)


I present to you... my reading kit.

What I'm holding is called a Habi Binder or simply Habi. For my non-Filipino readers, here's a little guide to help you out:
Habi means 'weave'
Hinabi means 'woven'

You can use Habi whatever way you like because of its size and many compartments but personally I like using it as a reading kit. In it is everything I'd need for when I'm in da zone. The reading zone. Get it? *nudge nudge* No? .....

See? On the left: my Kindle (Braden), my phone (Tony - and yes, I named it too), a pen, a pencil (the pink one!) On the right: Kindle and phone chargers, headphones, Post It flags, and of course - a book. I love that I can fit everything inside and that I can bring my kit anywhere. BOOK EATING MADE EASIER. Ha!

Also, important note: my copy of Fangirl is still perfectly fine. No creases. Booyah! *awkward dance*

The fabric on the outside is textile made by indigenous weavers from different parts of the Philippines. There are other designs but this one's from Benguet.

So yeah, basically that's why we call it, Habi. :)

Secret's out (sorta... I mean, I told people. But anyway!)

Months ago, I joined this group of Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Finance students in creating a mini-company for an inter-school competition. We conceptualized, got in contact with manufacturers and fabric suppliers, and eventually we got busy selling our product - Habi. We're fortunate to have found and teamed up with the amazing Filip+Inna because we share the same vision of promoting Filipino culture and artistry. 

Doing business means so much more when you're doing it with heart. I'm thankful that I got to experience this entire thing even for a short while.

We're closing shop soon but who knows? We might continue the business if things work out. Hopefully they do.

That's it. This is what I've been busy with for weeks now. On top of finals back in February, I also had this. I'm glad I'm able to share this part of my life with all of you. I love books, I love Habi... why not feature both in one post, right?

Let me know in the comments if you have a reading kit too or reading nook where you keep all your reading essentials. I'd love to check out how you guys stay organized! :D

P.S. If you read everything - love yah. Have some rainbow cakes.


  1. Can't wait to get mine. <3

  2. So cute, I want one too! Where can people purchase them if we're international?

  3. I loved it!! It is perfect for everything! I want one too! But I do live very far way, across seas from the Philippines.

  4. Wow, that's a brilliant idea, plus my books always get a bit battered around in my bag! It's so pretty, but I live in the UK. :( Do you ship international? x

  5. OHMYGOSH a reading kit sounds like the most brilliant thing ever. Why have I never heard of this before and why don't I already have one?! HAHA anyway, thanks for sharing, Sab, definitely gonna try and get myself one of these (though I AM going to Baguio for the Summer, so maybe they have there too, for less XD)

  6. That is such a great idea, I love the thought of using it as a reading kit! And I love that you are reading Fangirl Sab :) It could be great for travel and laptops too!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  7. Awww, I want one too but no cha-ching huhuhu. Does your kit have a name too? *wink wink*

  8. I never heard of a reading kit before. Your Habi looks beautifull!
    Even though my Kobo has a case I still worry about it getting wet when it's in my bag and usually put a plastic bag around it, just in case. Same goes with paperbacks, even though I am carefull with them I am always afraid something would happen to them.
    I would love to own something like this, it looks beautifull and it's so easy to take it with you everywhere!

  9. Both Hab i and rainbow cakes look fantastic!! I am getting one asap. I could even fit my ipad mini in there. Great find girly!!
    Please feed the Bookworm
    See u soon friend! <3 Britt

  10. I'll be using my Habi as a reading kit, too as soon as my Kindle arrives. :") For now, it is currently admired and used at school.

  11. This is a fantastic idea! And now I am totally interested in a Habi....

  12. Whhat a great idea! I've seen these online- with the photos showing to store a laptop!
    Storing a book on the go is better ;)

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