09 June 2014

Top Ten Books I'd Read If I Had More Free Time

Hello, booknerds! I have the day off today! Day off from work means more time for reading and blogging. I reckon this'll be the perfect time to share with you all my list of books I'd immediately read if I had more free time. Like, more than the usual I get at night after work. Get my drift? These are books that I want to read but somehow haven't. I bet you can relate because all booknerds have endless TBR piles. Am I right? *nudge, nudge*

The List!

I'm a fan of Divergent. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the series though. Ever since I read Insurgent, I felt my fangirly feels waning. I already knew a lot of readers didn't like the conclusion to the trilogy that is Allegiant but it didn't stop me from continuing the series. I thought, it's different for everyone. I might like the sequels. But after reading Insurgent? Okay, maybe I have to back up a bit. I honestly felt like the series was going downhill even before I read the last book. I was considering not picking up Allegiant. However, I am not a wimp. I will power through the last book like I still care. Like I don't already know what's gonna happen (thank you, spoilers) I will finish Veronica Roth's trilogy... right after I read, like, 20 other books.

I didn't like Delirium that much. And I heard Requiem is pretty meh. I know what you're thinking  So why is Pandemonium in this list, Sab? To be honest, I'm not sure. I just have some friends who convinced me to give it a shot. They told me it gets so much better in the second book. To be fair, Delirium had good parts that were intriguing enough for me to continue the trilogy. Because, who knows? I might just like it after all.

Because Dianne of Oops I Read A Book Again loves this SO FREAKING MUCH. (!!!)

And Katytastic too.

They say there's insta-love but I'm sure I can overlook that.

Oh wow. I just love dystopia, don't I? This is the last dystopia in my list though. Another book recommendation from Katytastic! In this video, Kat recommends books from her top ten favorite authors, among them is Scott Westerfeld's Uglies. This series has appeared more than once on her channel so I've naturally grown curious. And since I take recommendations from my favorite bloggers/booktubers seriously, I'll make sure to get myself a copy of this series and dive right into it! SOON. (But soon is relative. As Kat would put it.)

I normally have a hard time reading fantasy so I don't read them as much as I want to. But if I were in the mood for one, I would most definitely read Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. I like the cover art. I like the premise. I like the positive reviews I keep seeing. How bad can it be?

We're down to my top five! And number five is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas! Yet another book that lots of bloggers are raving about. I TRIED reading this last month and failed miserably. I planned to read fifty pages a day but now I see just how ambitious that number is. So next time I pick up this book, it'll have to be a really good day. One where I can freely focus without itching to read a contemporary novel because I simply can't pass up the opportunity to get started on this series.

Once upon a time, I borrowed a book from Dianne... and I never returned it. The end.

It's a sad story, really. And I plan to turn it around. I have to read All Our Yesterdays sometime soon because I can't take seeing Dianne's ARC in my shelf, untouched. Also, I heard the writing is amazing. So there's that. Oh, and time travel. Never read one of those before.

The only contemporary book in my list! The only reason I haven't started this yet is I'm not sure if I'm ready for another John Green book. I first read The Fault In Our Stars and loved it. Then I tried out An Abundance of Katherines then thought, okay that's a little too much. Since then I've been hesitant to try another one of his. It's either I'm too scared to get my heart broken again (so dramatic!) or I'm worried it'll just disappoint me like Katherines. But I've heard lots of my friends say Looking for Alaska is great- even better than TFiOS! *gasp* So yeah, I will give it a shot. In the near future.

I planned to read this the entire month of May and at one point it'll overlap with Throne of Glass. Looking back, I know that was a stupid idea. It's clear now that I can't drown myself in fantasy. I can't handle fantasy! It's pathetic, I know. But I try to challenge myself. I just have a veeeery long time frame. So I guess I won't be able to catch up with the TV show any time soon. No spoiling people who are trigger happy with spoilers. No revenge. Boo! 

FYI: the day *censored* died, there were plenty of Facebook status updates about it. And I hated it. I was so mad at them I thought I'd spoil the series for them the next time they do that. That's why I decided to read the book. Unfortunately, that plan was a bust.

DUN DUN DUN!!! Number one in my list is HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE! (and the next two books after) Yes, that's right, I'm a Potterhead who hasn't read books one to three of the series. I'M SORRY. I really, really am! It's just that, when I watched the movies, I only thought of reading the books after Prisoner of Azkaban. So I've only read Goblet of Fire til Deathly Hallows. I'm ashamed of this. *sobs*

Kidding. Let's not get too dramatic. It's at the top of my list so the moment I get plenty of free time to read (as in pleeeeenty), I'll start with this one.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! That's my list. Hopefully I can read at least half of them before the year ends. It sucks that I read a lot but I never really found time for these ten (make that twelve) books. It's weird, I know. But sometimes, your reading schedule/list gets all messed up because of blogging and LIFE.

Do you have books you've been dying to read but haven't yet? Share your list! :D


  1. SAB! Ohmygosh read read READ Sorcerer's Stone ASAP (coming from a Potterhead who had read the series EXCEPT Order of the Phoenix) and another OHMYGOSH! I wish Reboot's a bit higher on your list because it's seriously awesome! (and not to mention the sequel's out already, but I still haven't read it yet.)

    Anyway, I'm blabbing already haha :) I can't really pick just TOP 10 books so I'd settle for my top 5 series I WANT-err-NEED to read ASAP: (5) Caster Chronicles, (4) 39 clues, (3) Gone Series, (2) Summer trilogy, aaaaanddd (1) The Mortal Instruments. I know, I'm such a loser I haven't read TMI yet. Oh well.

    Hope you can achieve your goal of reading at least half of these before the year ends :) Good Luck!

    Ailla @ Le Bibliophile~

  2. OH MY GOD I THOUGHT THAT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO HASN'T READ SHADOW AND BONE YET! I have a copy and I don't know why I haven't picked it up yet...

    Dude, read Sorcerer's Stone. It's my favorite book in the series! You'll definitely feel the Diagon Alley and Great Hall feels in this book.

    Haha, I'd definitely read the rest of the books in the ASoIaF series. As it stands, I'm only up to the second book -___-

    LOL, I wanted to read Reboot because of Katytastic too! And also because of ate Dianne, eheh.

  3. Throne of Glass and Game of Thrones would definitely be on my list too! Those books are so daunting, 1 for the amount of books in the series and 2 for the size!! I'm also not the biggest fan of fantasy novels but I will conquer all those books one day...

    Also, Looking for Alaska is my favourite John Green book!

    Sincerely, Steph

  4. I've read 7 of the books on this list and have heard nothing but good things about the rest, so I'd definitely recommend picking up a few of them!

  5. I thought I'm the only one who hasn't read Game of Thrones. Lol! I watched the series before the books which totally makes it hard for me to continue reading the series because I know who died already in the first book.

  6. Hello!! I love your blog is beautiful. I hope reading the John Grenn book this summer.
    I enjoy more with Allegiant.


  7. I laughed so hard when I saw Allegiant on top of your list. I feel you. I feel like I only want to read Allegiant just to finish the entire trilogy and I've already been spoiled too. Tsk. Delirium is another meh book for. Seriously, did you write this list on my behalf? And Sab you really need to read Shadow and Bone ASAP. It's so good. I'm planning on reading Throne of Glass, All Our Yesterdays, Reboot and Looking for Alaska, if ever you decided a read-along, I'm there. I love the GoT TV series and I planned on reading the books as well, but I liked the element of surprise while I'm watching so I put it in on hold. Spoilers are so crazy, sometimes when I don't get to watch it as soon as possible, I stay away from the social media as much as I can. And goodness, your list is so explosive! Haha. Harry Potter 1-3? Oh Sab, it's ok. One of my faves book from the series is PoA and trust me when I say the books get better each time from every reread.