14 March 2015

My (Overdue) February Book Haul

Hey guys! I haven't posted anything in a couple of weeks and I'm sorry. I can't really explain right now why, but hopefully in the future I would be able to. Once thing's for sure though: everything's fine. ;-)

Today though I'm going to share the books I got last month. I quit doing book haul posts a while back but I figured now's a nice time to start since I frequently buy books given how stressed I usually am. My stress level is directly proportional to how many books I buy at a time. The more stressed I am, the more books I buy, BASICALLY. I don't always go to the bookstore now but when I do, I can't leave with just one book. This counts as retail therapy, yeah? Aside from that, I realized I share my books on Instagram and Twitter anyway so there's no use keeping it a secret here.

Without further ado... my February haul!

The Powerbooks Book Lovers Sale pity haul. I was quite envious of people who were able to snag LOTS of young adult books from the big sale. I was only able to go to one branch — the one near my office — and it was a small one so it was pretty much slim pickings. I found these though and bought each one for only 50 pesos (less than a dollar!). I had to buy something. If I didn't I'd only feel super sad for not getting anything during the sale period. Also, I feel like I'm going to complete my Blue Bloods collection from book sales alone. Most of the books I have from that series are from bargain bins! I'm gonna take it as a challenge to buy the rest of the books not in full price. LOL

The Yay for Filipina authors! haul. I was so excited when I saw these at my local bookstores. I only ever saw them as ebooks months ago. So... yay! I'm gonna start building up my "Filipiniana" collection soon. :P

Welcome to Envy Park by Mina V. Esguerra from Powerbooks, Greenbelt 4
Only A Kiss by Ines Bautista-Yao from Fully Booked, Fort

The star of the month. As usual, I texted Dianne of Oops! I Read A Book Again the second I saw this on display. I always always text her when I'm in a bookstore. I haven't read Looking for Alaska yet (sorry) but I bought a paperback a while back and I won a signed copy from the bloggers' 2014 Christmas party. I told Dianne this along with, oh! It's thick! It has lots of bonus content... but do I ever read bonus content??? In the end, I flipped a coin (in my head I did) and went on and bought this. 

I now have three copies, two of which are signed, and none read. Good job, Sab.

The it's about time! haul. After reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer, I decided to put off continuing the series until I have the rest of the books with me. At first I was going to wait til I had a paperback of Scarlet, but then I thought I should just wait til I have ALL the books because WHAT IF ONE ISN'T ENOUGH?!?! So right now, although it is a bit of torture, I am happily waiting for the Marissa Meyer to complete the series. I'll settle for staring at the pretty line-up of books on my shelf in the mean time. 

And The Lord of The Rings? I would've liked it in separate books, and I have a specific edition in mind, but this'll do. It's so thick! (Ha-ha)

All from Fully Booked, Fort (on the same day!)

I needed FEELS because FEBRUARY. Of course I wouldn't forget the good ol' contemporary haul, love month and all. I bought Open Road Summer because Jesselle The Lifelong Bookworm and Kate of The Bookaholic Blurbs recommended it to me. (Hi, girls!) The Future of Us was a last minute impulse buy (isn't it always though?). A Little Something Different has always been on my To Buy List. It's just rather difficult to get a copy because EVERYONE WANTS 'EM!

I forgot to include three other books in the bunch but I'll include them in next month's haul. I'm too lazy for all the picture-taking and post-processing. (hashtag blogger problems)

From Fully Booked, Fort

For review. I'll have the review up soon. Here's one thing I can say though: LOVE that this is different. ;-)

From Scholastic through National Bookstore

And that's it! That's my book haul for the month of February. Did it help me de-stress? Definitely. But stress keeps coming back so... there will be more book buying. Yikes.

If you want to share your book haul/s, feel free to leave a comment! I love seeing what everyone got. I use them as recommendations for the next time I go to the book store :P

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