02 January 2016

It's 2016 and I'm Back

Hello, bookish people! Happy new year!

*party poppers*
(too lazy to look up appropriate gifs and pictures. LOL I am starting my 2016 RIGHT!)

So... I've been gone a while. I'm not going to make excuses, not gonna lie. I was just... too lazy to blog? Between working and lying in bed (because that's the only thing I can do after work. Hah! I'm so sad), I simply did not have the energy to read and/or blog. I can get a few pages in everyday but it usually takes me a loooong while to finish an entire book. Writing a blog post about it after? FEELS LIKE A CHORE!

I'd like to say that's all going to change now. But I won't. Because I don't know what the future holds! (I can get dramatic at times) Seriously though, I can only promise to make a better effort this year. On top of that, I promise to keep it simple. Often times, the only hindrance to me clicking the PUBLISH button is my laughable standards. Yep, like a lot of bloggers out there, I pressure myself. I've said it multiple time: BLOG FOR YOURSELF! But what if your standards are getting to you? Sometimes, even if I'm pretty much done with my short review, I stop and think to myself isn't this a bit too short? Maybe I should do a full review? Are people going to care?! (Yeah, it's not fun being inside my head. It's noisy) This year, I will push myself to click that orange publish button once I'm done with a post. No more second guessing! That's a realistic resolution I can keep. 

I also found some bookish resolutions while browsing Twitter and Instagram and I got inspired by them. I plan on tackling one every month. Here they are:

JANUARY: Finish two young adult books I put on hold and never opened again

FEBRUARY: Read a non-fiction book

MARCH: Finish A Game of Thrones (because the series resumes in April!!! The storyline's already far off from the first book but it's the thought that counts)

APRIL: Read a May release and post a review and hype it like crazy... if I liked it, of course.

MAY: Read a poetry book

JUNE: Read a book in a day (this is gonna be tough for me. I need at least two full days to finish a book. Do I have to file a vacation leave for this? Set up alarms? Get started around 3AM? GAME FACE. ON.)

JULY: Read a book that intimidates me

AUGUST: Read two books by a Filipino authors (hashtag LOVE LOCAL!) August is Buwan/Linggo ng Wika (what do we celebrate in schools now?) or National Language Week/Month. I'm hoping I can read at least one book written in Filipino. 

SEPTEMBER: Read two ebooks I bought on Amazon in 2015 (I have plenty to choose from. Hello, 1-Click monster!)

OCTOBER: Read the book before watching the film (A Monster Calls will premier this month. I Googled it)

NOVEMBER: Dedicate a month of reading books Dianne of Oops I Read A Book Again likes/loves/pitches. Background: We're close friends but somehow we don't have similar taste in books. It's rare to find a book that we both like (or hate). So to make my November fun, I'll read books she recommends. Because it's her birth month. That pretty much sums it up.

DECEMBER: Read a Christmasy book! (of course)

Did you set any goals or resolutions for this year? As always, let me know in the comments! I would love to hear about them! (Or, you know, check if I can replace one of my resolutions with yours hahahahaha)

I missed this :)

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