28 August 2016

So Apparently I'm 16 Books Behind (But Thank Heavens for Wine)

Well hellooooo there, human! Guess who's back?

Not me. I don't want this momentary break from my break to get jinxed so let's not call this anything. Think of it as me dusting off that old guitar I've had for four years in the hopes of learning to play once again. My point is: let's not get too optimistic. But... I MISSED YOU! Yes, you, human and blog.

Something magical has happened the past few weeks. It's nothing big or buzz worthy. It's just amazing given the circumstances. And that is....

I'M READING AGAIN! (drats! Now that I mentioned it, I'm probably messing this up. Nooooo)
There were a few months where I struggled to read. I would go through my usual habit of starting books really excited and losing interest quickly. And it only got worse from there! Some weeks I wouldn't even crack open a single book. There were days where I ignored my shelves completely. SO DRAMATIC, I KNOW! But for a bookworm who was able to finish a hundred books in a year (a.k.a. the good ol' times), this is DEPRESSING.

But I'm SLOWLY getting back into it. I started reading 300 (or so)-page contemporary books to ease me in. I feel like it's the genre that can warm anyone up for days of reading. I find that I'm on my best reading game on weekends because weekday Sab is not a pretty sight. I am basically a zombie on weekdays (thank you, corporate job). So yeah, I've given up trying to read from Monday to Friday. I get some reading done but only to relax my brain from all the work during the day. 

However, as amazing as all of this has been, I have rather unfortunately hit a roadblock: GAME OF THRONES. I tried to read the first book in The Song of Fire and Ice series by George R.R. Martin to tide me over til the next season. Just a little bit of background: this is not the first time I'm taking a stab at it. I've done this before back in 2014 but it proved to be challenging so I shelved the book for two years. Now I gave it another shot and got about 30 pages further before I called it quits... AGAIN. What is it with me and this book?! It's definitely not as intimidating anymore because I'm well acquainted with the characters and story thanks to the HBO series. But for soooome reason, I can't seem to bring myself to actually finishing the book. I have a couple of theories as to why:

1. I feel like I'm using up so much time finishing an 800-pager when I could be reading more books within the span of time
2. There's so much going on in one book. I need a transition book from young adult to this monster of a book

The funny thing is I started this blog entry only 13 books behind. Now I'm 16 books behind. Game of Thrones killed my vibe man!!! (Geez, calm down)

So here's what I'm gonna do:

1. Shelf this big girl book. I will save it for a REALLY good week.
2. Start something else that's not as intimidating
3. Change that profile picture on my sidebar. Man, that is oooold
4. Drink wine while blogging. I find that it helps. Like right now. I am wining it up while blogging on a SUNDAY night. I will have one heck of a Monday morning, I'm telling ya'. (kids, this is totally not cool)
5. Catch up on my reviews. I've read a number of books I haven't had the chance to fully discuss on this blog but hopefully I'll have time to sit down each week and just write away. I really really want to come back. 

(I feel like 6 is such a bad number to end a list but I did not think this blog post through, obvs.)

There you have it. My commitment to making a comeback. 

Sort of. 




I've started Vampire Academy by the way. Just thought you'd like to know. Here's hoping it cures my GoT-induced reading slump.

Good night!
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