20 January 2019

Remember Me? The Nth "I'm Back!" Blog Post

It all began 6 years ago with a single book: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. I devoured that book quickly and fell in love with it instantly. I've always loved reading since I was a kid but this book changed everything for me. My love of reading has transformed and deepened. It wasn't just about finding a great book or the next great one after that. I needed to share my thoughts on books. And I wanted to find other people who love books the same way. In came blogging.

I didn't intend for my blog to become anything other than an online journal for my book appreciation. But alas! I dove in and discovered a big community of people who shared the same passion for books. Yes, it came with a ton of work. I had my fair share of blog tours, promotions, blog hops etc. But it was all worth it. 

This blog, my baby, had to take the backseat at some point though. When I entered the workforce, it became more and more difficult to keep up. I couldn't make time for reading and blogging. Work was eating up my time and energy (which I repeatedly shared in older blog posts). Eventually, I went on a much needed hiatus. I knew it was The Hiatus because I no longer felt guilty for abandoning my blog. 

The question now is: why or how am I back? Let's do a health check: I'm still working and it's even more challenging than ever. And hey! I'm in graduate school now. So I can't really answer that. I'm not sure myself. I just know that I love having this space and I missed it. I'm not gonna promise to consistently post or that I'll post only about books from here on out. But I'm here. With a fresh layout and new content (that I thankfully came up with while on hiatus. Can you say buffer? Hah!). I no longer have the patience to edit my old posts to fit this new spanking theme's layout (believe me, I tried) but we'll all survive. LOLZ. I'll just fix things as I go along... or you know, when inspiration strikes. Hah!

I'm Sab The Book Eater. Welcome back to my blog. :-)

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