29 January 2019

The Confessional: Odd Titles are Odd

It has now become a daily habit: checking Amazon for Kindle book deals. It started on a slow work day. I had too much free time so I decided to check out what's on sale on Kindle. Browsing ebooks everyday has shown me this weird trend in ebook titles:

"A heart-stopping thriller with shocking secrets that will keep you hooked"

"A gripping thriller with a heart-stopping twist"

"A gripping emotional page turner"

"An absolutely gripping psychological thriller with a brilliant twist"

"a breathtaking thriller that will have you hooked from the first page"

"A gripping psychological thriller with a killer twist"

...and so on.

I understand that these titles are supposed to help boost online sales. They're eye-catching titles, I must admit. They just don't have the intended effect on me. It does the complete opposite. Does this work for you? Because it does nothing for me. If anything, I'm less likely to purchase a book that oversells the story from the title alone. I'm like, giiiirl keep it in your pants. It's pretty bold and risky too. To promise a killer/brilliant/heart-stopping twist could set you up for disaster because there's a chance that the reader will not feel what you advertised. (But if it delivers, then good for you.) I personally don't like being told what to expect or how I'm going to feel about a book. I would appreciate it if you didn't assume to know my feelings, book title. Thanks.

(Why do I sound so snarky? Haha)

That is all.


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