17 February 2019

2/5 Stars for Boomerang by Noelle August

Lackluster romance. It had a lot of potential in the beginning but once other elements were thrown in, the story felt too unfocused. Sexy romance works with drama in some cases, but not here. There’s just too many side stories. What were they trying to achieve here?

The book is told from both Ethan’s and Mia’s POVs. I found Ethan’s far more interesting because it was relatable. Mia’s had more unnecessary narration which just bored me to death. I don’t not care for every single detail on how you look or what you’re wearing. Ugh. Both spent as much time though describing how much they wanted the other person and it grated on me. Move the narration along, please. Too much of it made the character one-dimensional. Give me something else to convince me that they’re right for each other. Again: Ugh. 

All in all, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. The kind of book you bring while waiting for your car license to be released. LOL. I MEAN it’s just the kind of book you read to pass the time but it won’t leave you wanting more. At least I didn’t. 

P.S. Noelle August is actually a pen name for Veronica Rossi and Lorin Oberweger. I read and loved Rossi's Under The Never Sky series. I was only able to review the first book though because I suck at reviewing sequels. Anyway, I was such a fan of her YA trilogy that I fangirled hard when I met her. Such a shame I didn't enjoy Boomerang. :-/

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