20 February 2019

Audiobook Adventures: We're Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union's collection of essays is equal parts entertaining and insightful with a whole lot of soul all around. She recounts her experiences as a black woman, memories from her childhood in a dominantly white community, how her skin color affects her acting career, how raising black boys in today's society can be tricky. She wrote about her rape experience and how its effects can still be felt long after it has happened. She hilariously shared her relationship stories, from the most ridiculous moments to the heart wrenching or heartfelt ones. All of her stories laid out with as much honesty as a public figure such as herself can share to the world. I never spaced out while multi-tasking work and listening. She's THAT captivating.

That's it! That's exactly it. Gabrielle Union is a captivating human. You need to read this book. Get the audiobook if you can. I reckon it's still as awesome in book form, but it's quite a treat listening to her read it. Trust me on this one.

P.S. as I mentioned earlier, this is a collection of essays so the timeline of her stories might confuse you. She'll jump from childhood to adulthood then back to childhood.... it CAN get confusing but it's not bothersome. Unless you find that kinda of thing bothersome. In which case, good luck. But still. Read or listen to it! 

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