12 February 2019

Just 1 Star for Just Friends (Friends #1) by Monica Murphy

More like, JUST STOP or JUST NO or JUST BE DECENT CHARACTERS PLEASE. I can’t believe I finished it! I was ready to throw in the towel at 30% but I fought through the horrible storyline or lack thereof. This book had a lot of issues. The characters were horrible. And I don’t mean they lack any sort of development. I truly mean they’re horrible people. It was an endless string of hooking up with each other and backstabbing. You’d get tired of it before the halfway point. It was all too repetitive... like the use of the words “hook up.” (Seriously, it does not make you look cool.) 

Bad characters and bad storytelling aside, I guess what I truly had a problem with was how absent CONSENT and DECENCY was in a lot of situations. A guy casually touching a girl’s boob the first time they meet to prove her bikini’s too small? A guy making aggressive sexual comments about a girl he’s barely acquainted with? A guy putting his hand between a girl’s legs? ALL OF IT DISMISSED. How? Well the girls tell the guys off. “You’re such a pig!” (Hah. He knows. Try again.) Or they just simply LET THEM because meh, it’s already happening anyway. What IS this? How is this OKAY?! I was seething. I had to defuse to some friends because AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FINDS THIS DISTURBING??? 

The story ends in an awkward cliffhanger because it’s a series. I just don’t care enough to know if their relationships will progress or if they’ll become better humans. This book did not lay the ground work at all. 

I always say this and I’ll say it again for this book: life is too short. READ GOOD BOOKS.

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