28 February 2021

Kdrama Segue: Sky Castle

Synopsis from IMDb: A satirical drama that closely looks at the materialistic desires of the upper-class parents in South Korea and how they ruthlessly secure the successes of their families at the cost of destroying others' lives.

Thoughts: It’s been a while since I last watched a 5-star drama that kept me watching well into the morning.  

Sky Castle sheds light on the societal perception on education and how success and status are tightly linked to it. It was the perfect balance of drama and satire for me that, despite the stressful plot, I was drawn deeper into the story with every hour long episode. 

The finale was a bit too classic kdrama, with all loose ends being tied up neatly. I appreciate sensible open endings more than those that feel like overdrawn epilogues. The last few minutes made up for it though! It showed that society can’t be changed overnight and that sometimes the best we can do is to prepare ourselves for it instead of succumbing to its pressures.

A freaking masterpiece!

Rating: 5/5 stars


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