BLOG TOUR REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: Scandalized by Tara Frejas

Published on May 5, 2016
Genre: NA/Contemporary/Romance
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Fi Legaspi is living the dream working in Seoul as a road manager for one of South Korea's hottest bands, East Genesis Project. Until she isn't. 
When she finds herself in the middle of a scandal and a hostile fangirl witch hunt, Fi seeks the comfort of home, and to her surprise, not the person she had been pining for for years. All too suddenly it's no longer her career on the line, but also her heart. Will she walk away from everything that matters to her or fight to keep her dream alive?

I wasn't really expecting to like it as much as I did to be completely honest. I'm not much of a KPop fan so I was thinking I wouldn't be able to relate and I'd get lost in all the jargon. I tried getting into KPop years ago but it just wasn't my thing. However, despite all that, I was still able to enjoy Scandalized immensely. You don't need to be a fan girl to appreciate the entirety of the story.

The thing about me is... I love the celebrity trope or whatever you call it. I like books that give you a glimpse of how celebrities/personalities live. They might not be as accurate as possible, but it's simply one of those tropes that excites me. (Hey, we all need to get away every now and then, amirite?) Scandalized was no exception. 


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KAVINSKYYYY! My Thoughts on To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

Man that's a long title. Heh.

Hello, everyone! It's wine night and I am BLOGGING. I'm telling you, this is a solid get-back-to-blogging plan. A little bit (LOL) of wine goes a long way!

*awkward pause*

Anyway. Tonight I'm sharing my thoughts on a sorta oldie by goodie: To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han. I was only supposed to review the second book tonight but when I searched for my review of the first book I discovered that I have no such post! How on earth have I not reviewed that yet?! Shocking, I tell ya. I raved on and on on Twitter and Facebook but no review. I am a disgrace.

No worries though because HERE IT IS!

To All The Boys I've Loved Before. (1 point for the title, amirite?) 

So. I'm not gonna lie. The only reason why I fell madly in love with the book is Peter Kavinsky a.k.a. your dreams come true. Sort of. He's a fictional character but let's say Jenny Han heard our prayers and created him for all of us. Now, he's not perfect but he added that oompf to a story that badly needed it. 

If you're a first time Jenny Han reader, it could take a bit of getting used to. When I read her Summer trilogy, I found that her writing's choppy but you can get the hang of it. I can't guarantee you'll enjoy the story but at least you can get past the writing style. This is the same case when I started To All The Boys. I was starting to give up on the book because I felt that sentences ended abruptly and scenes were not fluid enough. It also didn't help that Lara Jean is so difficult to like.

Yeah.... about that.

She's supposedly a 16 year old but her behavior made her sound waaaay younger. It's so hard reading a book whose narrator is naive and whiny. A lot of her problems could've been solved if she woman-ed up a bit, you know? I know that once upon a time we all went through that as teenagers. But I just can't read chapter after chapter of barely any growth from a protagonist who could seriously use it. You have to show readers that the narrator is improving, otherwise what's the point? Lara Jean almost made me want to DNF the book. However! I powered through. And it's a good thing I did because man oh man, ALL THE FEELS.


So Apparently I'm 16 Books Behind (But Thank Heavens for Wine)

Well hellooooo there, human! Guess who's back?

Not me. I don't want this momentary break from my break to get jinxed so let's not call this anything. Think of it as me dusting off that old guitar I've had for four years in the hopes of learning to play once again. My point is: let's not get too optimistic. But... I MISSED YOU! Yes, you, human and blog.

Something magical has happened the past few weeks. It's nothing big or buzz worthy. It's just amazing given the circumstances. And that is....

I'M READING AGAIN! (drats! Now that I mentioned it, I'm probably messing this up. Nooooo)
There were a few months where I struggled to read. I would go through my usual habit of starting books really excited and losing interest quickly. And it only got worse from there! Some weeks I wouldn't even crack open a single book. There were days where I ignored my shelves completely. SO DRAMATIC, I KNOW! But for a bookworm who was able to finish a hundred books in a year (a.k.a. the good ol' times), this is DEPRESSING.