A Quick Review of The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins

Where do I begin? 
Well, first off, it's not a bad book. I found myself deeply engrossed in the story very early on. Full disclosure: I was mostly looking for the next Gone Girl. I don't read mystery/thrillers often so Gillian Flynn was basically "it" for me. You might say I set my peg too high or that my appreciation of Gone Girl has clouded my judgement. True, true. But! Even if! I simply did not think it was as mind-blowing as I hoped it would be.
Let's start with what I did like. Hawkins used three different voices in telling the story behind the disappearance of a woman. Rachel, Anna, and Megan were all very effective yet equally unreliable storytellers. We have an alcoholic, a liar, and a cheat. Doesn't exactly sound promising but the story becomes increasingly intriguing with each chapter because of how they relay the events that took place. If anything, their seeming insanity (at times) and paranoia is what kept me quickly turning pages. 
So I was there.
I was with them.
I was on a high trying to process everything. I wanted so bad to get to the part where the bad guy is revealed!


My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga (+giveaway)

Everything used to seem so final, inevitable, predestined. But now I'm starting to believe that life may have more surprises in store than I ever realized. Maybe it's all relative, not just light and time like Einstein theorized, but everything. Like life can seem awful and unfixable until the universe shifts a little and the observation point is altered, and then suddenly, everything seems more bearable.


It's been a while since I've read anything fiction and I'm glad I stumbled upon My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga. The funny thing is, I only bought this book because I thought the title perfectly sums up my personal drama. (in Filipino: hugot) If you're a regular on this blog, you'd know that I often purchase books without checking the summary on the back or cover flap first. So imagine my surprise when I discovered what this book is actually about!

I'm gonna clue you in: suicide

This book is far from easy breezy. It deals with depression and suicide — a theme that is difficult to tackle. What sets this apart is the way Warga depicted Aysel and her suicide partner, Roman. Unlike other books, this has characters that are believable and relatable. I guess it was in the way their thoughts on the matter were laid out. Aysel's take on depression and death was quite insightful.  There was none of the pretentiousness that a lot of young adult contemporary books tend to have. Like, I could totally imagine a teenager narrating the whole thing. (*coughs* Augustus Waters and the cigarette metaphor *coughs*)


March Means More Books!

But who am I kidding? March doesn't mean more books. The whole year means you get to stack up your already stacked up shelves! That's just the way booknerds roll.

One thing I noticed about my book buying habit though is: it's getting harder and harder to stop buying books on a whim. I tell myself, I've been dying to have this one! And often times, it's true. The question is though: do I even have time right now to read this? 

Honestly   —

I don't.

No regrets though! *cackles*

(I'm sure my 25 year old self is doing the facepalm right now somewhere)

Here we are again with a book haul post, folks! I'm pretty psyched to share last month's buys because a lot of them have been on my wishlist for so long. I can't remember what took me so long to get them but one day I just decided I would buy them. Or maybe I had a hard day at work so my book buying is justified. Take a look!


I Need Anastasia Steele Bangs (and Other Thoughts While Watching Fifty Shades of Grey)

Source: starcasm.net
So I recently had the chance to watch Fifty Shades of Grey for the very first time... and it was uncut too! No black ovals, thankyouverymuch. I wanted to watch it for only two reasons:

1. Jamie Dornan (duh)
2. Dakota Johnson — because people said she was ahhmazing and I had to see for myself. I wasn't one of those who actively expressed their dislike of the actors chosen because I'm not a fan of the books. However, I also wasn't entirely sold with the casting. So yeah, I wanted to see if they had chemistry. 

Aaaand okay, maybe I was a wee bit curious how they handled the softcore porn *coughs* 

 But ANYWAY! Let's get on to my reactions, shall we?

I'm splitting my FSoG reactions into parts because I just have soooo much to say and I don't want to dump everything in a very long entry. 

ENJOY (hopefully)


1. I'm loving their soundtrack already. So sexy.


3. I love Jamie Dornan's shoulders. And back. I'm a shoulders-and-back girl.

4. I am loving Dakota Johnson's bangs.

5. Lip-biting? Already?